GAM3 Awards Meet the Jury: Patrick Barile | DappRadar

Get to meet GAM3 Awards jury member Patrick Barile from DappRadar and know their proudest gaming moment, future of web3 gaming, and more.

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Our inaugural GAM3 Awards features over 30 members on its jury to help recognize the best "gam3s" in each of the 16 categories. The event takes place on December 15, and will be livestreamed across all our socials. It is time to get everyone familiar with each member of our jury. We got the opportunity to sit down with each of them to ask them a set questions to help you get to know them more personally, their favorite gaming moment growing up, what pushed them to make the jump into web3 gaming, and their outlook on the future of blockchain gaming.

Analytics are a pretty powerful tool, and combining the majority, if not all, of decentralized applications' data across all blockchains into one place for everyone to see is outstanding. This is exactly what DappRadar brings to the table and some. Patrick Barile, the COO of Dappradar, lent us some of his time to recall his favorite gaming memory growing up, what excites him the most in the world of blockchain gaming, and his hopes of seeing the first web3 game with a million daily unique active wallets.

What is your proudest gaming moment?

Defeating the end boss in Xevious 

What pushed you to transition into work in web3 and choose gaming as your sector of choice?

I believe web3 gaming ecosystems will be tremendously powerful one day. Gaming will probably become the most valuable industry of all once web3 is embraced universally.

What excites you the most about the current state of web3 gaming?

The amount of VC money flowing into web3 and the pioneering spirit among founders in the space.

Where do you see Dappradar’s role in the future of web3 gaming?

Somebody needs to bring transparency into this newly emerging industry especially because of the high value of assets circulating. That's the role of DappRadar. Bringing transparency and helping to identify opportunities.

If you could name one major milestone yet to happen to push web3 gaming adoption forward, what would it be?

Seeing the first web3 game with a million daily UAW (unique active wallets).

Which game do you think will be the first to achieve Patrick's web3 gaming dream? Share this article and tag us on any of our socials to let us know.

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