MARS4 Lands on Epic Games Store

Join the Mars4 project on the Epic Games Store, offering an immersive 3D Mars terrain based on NASA's data.

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MARS4, an interactive 3D metaverse, has made its grand landing on the renowned Epic Games Store. This expansion marks a significant step, allowing a wider global community of gamers to explore and experience the detailed virtual Mars, curated with precision from NASA's data.

The MARS4 development team has intricately crafted a 3D map of Mars, which can be best described as the Martian version of Google Earth. Utilizing data from NASA, every plot in the game showcases detailed topography. Furthermore, each NFT translates into a playable zone on this digital Mars, turning every piece of land into an interactive gaming experience.

The project seamlessly integrates three components:

  1. Mars Land NFTs: These are virtual plots of land on Mars that players can purchase, build upon, rent out, or sell.
  2. $MARS4 Dollars: The in-game currency, essential for various in-game transactions.
  3. Play-and-Earn Game: The main interactive platform where players cultivate and terraform their purchased land plots, embodying the essence of Mars' metaverse.

MARS4 participants have the opportunity to embark on their journey by exploring the developer's terrain in both the Mars1 and Mars2 stages. These terrains are crafted using the identical process that will be used for all forthcoming land creations, providing a glimpse of what your future plot will resemble. If you have not yet obtained a Mars NFT, venture into the virtual Mars to select your perfect location for the future and commence your adventure in the MARS4 universe.

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January 10th 2024


September 9th 2023

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