MapleStory Details Web3 Gaming and Blockchain Approach

MapleStory released a brief analysis on how they plan to integrate web3 and blockchain technology into the renowned IP.

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MapleStory has recently revealed its plans for embracing web3 gaming and blockchain technology during a GDC session. The game aims to redefine the MMORPG experience by enhancing its core aspect, the Reward Experience (RX), and integrating blockchain technology to create an all-new ecosystem for players.

MapleStory plans to combine RX with blockchain to create RX 2.0, which expands the utility of in-game items beyond the game and increases their rarity based on various demands. With the transparency of blockchain technology, players will be able to explore every step of the process and utilize rare or limited items both in-game and outside of it.

The MapleStory Universe will become an NFT-based ecosystem, allowing players to earn NFTs by playing the game. These NFTs will be issued in limited quantities and can be traded on a user-to-user basis, providing better inflation management compared to an unlimited issuance system.

MapleStory N (PC MMORPG) will enable players to enjoy MapleStory Universe NFTs on mobile platforms. Additionally, the game will introduce MapleStory N World, a sandbox platform where creators can easily develop new games, and MapleStory N SDK, which enables the creation of various applications. This approach offers endless scalability and opportunities for expansion.

For more in-depth information on MapleStory's GDC session and web3 gaming approach, keep an eye out for the studio’s upcoming Medium posts and of course, our own news section for the latest updates.

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September 6th 2023


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