Life Beyond Content Update #2 Adds New Missions, New Nightmare Difficulty, and More

Life Beyond releases its second content update and it brings with it 3 new missions, a new Nightmare mode, weapon upgrade levels, and more.

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Life Beyond brings an incredibly exciting experience to web3 gaming in the massively multiplayer online RPG genre. The game is continuously receiving more content for players to consume and enjoy solo or their friends. Just a little over a month after the first content update, Life Beyond received its second wave of quests and improvements for its open alpha version.

The content update #2 brings with it 3 new missions; Repair & Defend, Silicate Hunt, and Rescue Lost Agent. All of which take place on The Cauldron, a new map focused on exploring a unique region within the Dolos planet. Of course, players will get to see new enemy types. Both the Burster and Lurker will obstruct your mission. The latter lives underground and jumps to the surface when it needs to attack while the former rushes towards you to self-explode. The aforementioned missions are exclusive to The Cauldron, and are only available for squads of 4 players.

That's not all, because the most significant piece of the MMORPG's update is both the new Epic weapon upgrade level and the Nightmare difficulty mode. Players can now upgrade their weapons all the way to Epic. This doesn't only make them more durable and perform better overall than previous versions, but brings with it a new and improved design for each weapon. As for the Nightmare mode, it considerably makes enemies harder to kill and punishes you far more than normal.

What do you think of all the new content added to Life Beyond? Which one excites you the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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September 21st 2023


September 14th 2022

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