Illuvium: Zero Update 0.1.5 Brings Bug Fixes and New Features

Discover the latest Illuvium: Zero update (v0.1.5), which includes numerous bug fixes and new features for an improved gaming experience.

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Illuvium: Zero has just released its latest update (v0.1.5), bringing a host of bug fixes and new features to enhance the overall gaming experience. As the update is local at this stage, the developers encourage players to provide feedback to help finalize and balance the game.

This patch addresses several critical bugs, including an exploit that allowed fuel duplication and a rare case of plot resetting overrun by obstacles. UI bugs have also been fixed, such as the converter passive generation, Hyperion Lathe efficiency calculation, updated class icons, and more. Additionally, the frame limiter has been enhanced to prevent screen tearing during camera movement.

The update introduces a gameplay feature where marketplace transport times are now displayed in the UI and capped at a maximum of 7 days, replacing lengthy 6-month transfers. Existing trades have been adjusted to adhere to this new time limit. Furthermore, players will now have more consistent scanning chances; every failed scan increases the odds of finding an Illuvial, with chances resetting after each successful find.

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September 6th 2023


April 14th 2023

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