Illuvium Zero Season One Delayed; Next Update Adds Various Improvements

Illuvium makes the difficult decision to delay Season One of Illuvium Zero amidst the hyped upcoming Illuvium Beyond and Illuvitars drop.

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Illuvium: Zero's highly anticipated Season One has been delayed, according to an announcement from the game's developers on Discord. The delay was due to the team's commitment to providing an exceptional gaming experience for their community. As a result, they have decided to postpone the launch of Season One to give players more time to test and provide feedback on the new marketplace feature that will be included in the next update. This feature is a significant addition to the game, allowing players to buy and sell resources. The developers believe that the marketplace is a crucial aspect of balancing the game, and they must get it right before launching Season One.

The upcoming update, Illuvium Zero Alpha v0.1.4, will contain various bug fixes and improvements based on feedback from the community. The developers are striving to ensure that the game is stable, balanced, and enjoyable for everyone before beginning Season One.

The team promises to keep the players updated on the progress of the update and the new launch date of Season One as soon as possible. They express their gratitude to the players for their support and involvement in this fantastic journey. Fans eagerly anticipate the new features and updates that Illuvium: Zero will bring to the table, and the developers are determined to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.

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September 21st 2023


February 24th 2023

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