Illuvium Shares Game Development Q3 Roadmap Update

Illuvium have updated their roadmap, and shared timelines for when you get to enjoy their different games.

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As Q3 advances, the Illuvium team is eager to share an updated roadmap with the gaming community. Their Q2 results have been extraordinary, meeting all targets as planned and creating waves of excitement among players.

In Illuvium: Zero Season 1, players have fully immersed themselves in the game, leveraging their land, and gathering blueprints. The gaming community's response to Illuvium: Store has been overwhelming, with gamers showcasing their Illuvium gear and expressing their fondness for the game.

The release of Illuvium: Overworld Private Beta 2 was another monumental milestone. It brought new regions and Illuvials into the game, enhancing the thrill of capturing, collecting, and battling in the arena.

Looking ahead to the rest of Q3, the Illuvium team acknowledges that substantial work remains. However, their resolve to achieve greatness is unwavering. With the addition of new talents, the team is stronger than ever and poised to reach their 2023 goals.

The Illuvium team extends its gratitude to everyone who has put their faith in the game. The community's trust and support fuel the team's determination to revolutionize the gaming industry. The team firmly believes that they are shaping the future of gaming in partnership with their supportive and enthusiastic players.

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September 6th 2023


July 31st 2023

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