Hytopia Beta Pre-Registration Opens Up; Free Sign-up Lootbox Reward

Join the much-anticipated Hytopia Beta and reserve your unique username. Plus, every pre-registrant receives a special NFT lootbox with exclusive cosmetic items.

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Mostafa Salem

Head of Gaming Research


Previously known as NFT Worlds and later rebranded from Topia, Hytopia is on a mission to redefine the gaming metaverse. Announcing its beta pre-registration, the platform offers gamers not just a sneak-peek into its upcoming beta test but also a unique opportunity to book and reserve their distinctive username. To sweeten the deal further, participants will be bestowed with an exclusive NFT lootbox during the process.

Distinguishing itself from other games, Hytopia has meticulously engineered a Minecraft clone, infusing it with a host of enhanced features. Its uniqueness lies in its web3 integration using a proprietary sidechain, bolstered by updates geared toward world builders and developers. Keeping players' preferences in mind, the platform also boasts backwards compatibility with Minecraft servers.

Moreover, it introduces a launch app replete with an in-built marketplace, empowering third-party asset creation, among other notable features. The testnet chain of Hytopia has been active for several months, already flaunting many of these functionalities. If it manages to successfully execute all its proposed features, it might just regain its esteemed position as a primary competitor in the metaverse league.

As for the beta pre-registration, the launch could be imminent, possibly within the month. Early-bird registrants for the beta not only get a headstart in exploring Hytopia but also get to reserve their distinct username in the virtual world. This is accompanied by a special lootbox brimming with exclusive cosmetic items, unavailable in any subsequent lootboxes. These collectible lootboxes are also designed as NFTs, granting players the liberty to retain or sell them. Distribution of these lootboxes is scheduled to coincide with the beta's commencement.

An intriguing feature of Hytopia is the tradeability of usernames on its marketplace. Moreover, in the future, players can look forward to acquiring multiple names. However, Hytopia has implemented stringent measures to prevent impersonation. They have the prerogative to retrieve names of brands, organizations, or notable influencers from unauthorized accounts and allocate them to the rightful owners. This mechanism also extends to those who had previously reserved a name through the World Name Service during the NFT Worlds phase. Such individuals will find their names automatically reserved in Hytopia.

The cherry on the cake is the referral link provided to registrants. This link can be shared, and for every successful registration through it, the referrer will be gifted an additional lootbox. On the other hand, the referred individual will receive two lootboxes. The curtains for the pre-registration lift on September 15th, commencing at 2pm CST.


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