How to Register TreasureTag: TreasureDAO Player Profile

TreasureDAO, the decentralized gaming ecosystem unified under $MAGIC, announced TreasureTag, a global player profile across all Treasure games.

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In today's digital age, our online identities are just as important as our offline ones. They serve as our representation in the virtual world, and often hold valuable information such as our gaming achievements, social media handles, and personal details. The Treasure gaming ecosystem is taking this to the next level by introducing TreasureTag, a free, soulbound (non-transferrable) gamertag that serves as your global player profile, identity, and the basis for user reputation.

TreasureTag, or simply "Tag", allows you to own your identity and is required to participate in upcoming product releases, including the future Proof of Play meta game (TreasureXP, Treasure Achieve, and Treasure Quests), among other experiences that may be accessible to only those who possess a Tag. In the long term, your Tag can be linked to avatars to power up your social identity, earn badges to showcase your greatest achievements, and even benefit from cosmetic modifiers to alter the appearance of your Tag to stand out.

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The Tag is composed of two parts: a name and a discriminant, which is a 4-digit ending similar to Discord. Players will be limited to one Tag per wallet. You will be able to reserve and mint your Tag (when it launches) on Trove here. TreasureTags, at this time, will be free to reserve and mint (beyond accompanying gas fees). All you need to do is the following:

  • Head over to the Trove website
  • Connect your Metamask wallet
  • Switch over to the Arbitrum network
  • Verify your email
  • Register your username and check for its availability
  • Confirm the username you want

Once you have done these steps, you will receive a confirmation screen of your TreasureTag reservation. During this period, users can come back and edit their usernames as they will. In the future, this will cost $MAGIC to do so, keep that in mind since most of the unique names are still up for grabs.

While the name of the Tag is semi-unique, meaning there can be multiple people with the same name, the discriminant (the 4 numbers at the end) will need to be unique. For instance, there can be multiple users with the Tag name karel but there can only be one karel#0001. There can be a maximum of 10,000 karel's in existence though as the discriminant will range from 0000-9999.

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TreasureTags are also NFTs (ERC-721s) that can be minted and owned by a wallet. You will be able to store text and unique metadata on your TreasureTag, including avatars, descriptions, social media and website links, and other details similar to ENS. Currently, TreasureTags are not planned to expire (unlike ENS Domains), but this may be subject to change in the future.

In conclusion, TreasureTag is a revolutionary new way to represent yourself in the gaming world. It serves as a global player profile, identity, and the basis for user reputation. It allows you to own your identity, link it to avatars, badges, and cosmetic modifiers, and even store text and unique metadata on it. Start reserving your TreasureTag now and be a part of the future of gaming.

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September 21st 2023


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