Google Cloud Partners with XPLA as First Validator for Gaming Network

South Korean game outfit Com2uS has announced that Google Cloud has become the first “volunteer validator” for its XPLA gaming blockchain.

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Google Cloud has entered into a partnership with XPLA, becoming the primary validator for the crypto gaming network. This collaboration, initiated by South Korean game publisher Com2uS, signifies a noteworthy development in the intersection of technology and web3 gaming. XPLA operates as a Tendermint-based Layer 1 blockchain, positioning itself as a central hub for digital media content. Embracing the principle of 'Explore and Play,' XPLA offers a diverse array of digital content supported by a robust blockchain gaming infrastructure, creating a sustainable ecosystem. In its role as a universal content powerhouse, XPLA delivers an exceptional creative experience through its substantial gaming infrastructure.

Google Cloud Partners with XPLA as First Validator for Crypto Gaming Network.webp

The core values of 'Play to Own' define XPLA's approach, emphasizing a gaming environment that values gamers' ownership and contributions, fostering sustainability within the blockchain gaming sphere. Notably, XPLA has recently welcomed esteemed intellectual properties such as The Walking Dead: All-Stars, Summoners War: Chronicles, MiniGame Party, and Ace Fishing: Crew, marking a significant expansion. Additionally, with the introduction of Idle Ninja Online, the first cross-chain game, XPLA distinguishes itself as a pivotal, content-centric blockchain, showcasing a diverse range of services and propelling forward in the industry.


XPLA also offers a distinctive approach with "volunteer validators," individuals who won't receive tokens directly but contribute to a shared pool. The community has unanimously approved this novel method, reflecting a positive reception within the XPLA network. Jack Buser, General Director of Google Cloud Game Industry Solutions, expressed the company's intention to facilitate the growth of web3 games through the reliable Google Cloud infrastructure. “We are pleased to take on a role as a Volunteer Validator for the XPLA ecosystem.” This move aligns with Google Cloud's ongoing involvement with various blockchain networks, including Solana, Tezos, Aptos, Polygon, and Celo. XPLA's expanding validator roster includes Animoca Brands and Gumi, alongside the recent addition of Google Cloud. Paul Kim, XPLA Team Lead, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "We are delighted to partner to shape a transparent Web3 ecosystem and deliver innovative experiences."

Google Cloud's venture into blockchain validation extends beyond XPLA, with the company's Web3 Startups Program, launched in April, aiming to offer additional benefits for web3 firms. This positions Google Cloud as a key player in fostering innovation within the evolving landscape of web3 gaming, bringing together major industry entities for a transparent and engaging future. Having Google Cloud as a Volunteer Validator represents a significant milestone for XPLA, aligning seamlessly with their dedication to innovation, security, and community growth. This collaboration not only reinforces the security of their network but also establishes a precedent for future partnerships in the web3 industry, particularly within the gaming sector. 

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February 20th 2024


December 12th 2023