Introducing GAM3 Quests: Redefining the Web3 Gaming Experience

Embark on a journey with GAM3 Quests by tackling in-game tasks and interacting with your preferred games to gather XP and claim exciting rewards!

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We are beyond excited to announce the launch of a game-changing feature on our platform GAM3 Quests. This revolutionary addition is all set to transform the web3 gaming landscape by reimagining the traditional ways of challenges, giveaways, and rewards that are commonplace across social platforms. Get ready to wave goodbye to all the standard giveaways you've been encountering on your timeline.

GAM3 Quests has been designed with a mission to drive true web3 gaming enthusiasts to a variety of game titles. It aims to cultivate direct connections between in-game challenges and platform rewards, bridging the gap that often exists in the gaming sphere. Leveraging integrated APIs, GAM3 Quests will allow games on our platform to directly reward gamers for participating in and successfully completing these challenges.

Have you ever imagined earning an exclusive skin in Chronos: Dawn of Time just by getting 5 kills? Or winning a limited edition emote in Cards of Ethernity by playing 10 games? With GAM3 Quests, it's all possible.

The launch campaign will feature 13 games from the Polygon network, promising an immersive gaming experience. And that's not all - with more than $10,000 in NFT prizes and rewards up for grabs, the campaign is scheduled to run for an entire week, running from May 15th, 12 PM UTC to May 22nd, 12 PM UTC, offering everyone the chance to enjoy some of the best web3 games available right now.

Participating in this exciting new venture is as straightforward as it gets. All you need to do is register on our platform, select your preferred quests, complete the specified missions, and claim your prizes once the campaign concludes. No need to wait for distribution or worry about gas fees – all you have to do is revel in the fun of playing web3 games.

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