GAM3 Awards 2023 Meet the Jury: George Yousling

GAM3 Awards 2023 returns with a prominent jury, including George Yousling, to honor excellence in web3 gaming. Insights on the future of web3 gaming.

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Our highly anticipated GAM3 Awards, a pivotal event in the world of web3 gaming, is poised to make a grand comeback this December 2023. We are thrilled to introduce our diverse jury lineup, which combines familiar faces from 2022 with fresh voices representing various aspects of web3 gaming. The new additions are particularly noteworthy, featuring key figures from web3 gaming venture capital firms, blockchain and ecosystem experts, infrastructure partners, content creators, as well as well-established leaders in the gaming industry and technology giants such as Amazon and Google.

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We are proud to introduce one of our jury members George Yousling. George leads the Global Games vertical at Polygon Labs and is focused on driving adoption for the next wave of world-class web3 games.

George and his team onboard some of Polygon's largest and most innovative game developers, across web3 native teams and traditional game developers/publishers as well as strategic ecosystem partners. Previously, George worked at Google for 8 years and managed some of Google Play's largest game developers (Minecraft, Roblox, Riot Games). 

George has also been part of several successful startups, Wildfire and Adyen, one as an early team member helping to scale growth from 60 employees to 400+ employees and a $420MM acquisition by Google — the other expanding US enterprise partnerships with some of the largest brands in B2B, tech, gaming, and retail — contributing to Europe's largest tech IPO of 2018.

1. What is the most enjoyable part of your role?

“The opportunity to connect with and learn from so many passionate builders. Whether it’s a web3-native team or an indie game developer, the diversity spans all genres and platforms. You start to see patterns emerge and it’s especially fun when different techniques cross-pollinate and lead to better player experiences.”

2. How do you see the progress made in web3 gaming since last year?

“Every new technology cycle faces an uphill battle with respect to adoption. We saw this with search, mobile, and free-to-play gaming (which now represents roughly 50% of a $187B+ global market). Blockchain and web3 gaming are no different. Despite the macro headwinds, I’m encouraged by high quality games reaching open beta and early access. Games that are fun to play with fleshed out core loops, tutorials, in-game economies, and progression systems. User flows that remove friction through account abstraction and help get players enjoying the experience upfront as opposed to clunky onboarding.”

3. What is the most valuable addition web3 brings into gaming, from your perspective, if any?

“Gamers are an extremely vocal audience but when they feel heard — they can also become fiercely loyal and a powerful multiplier for the IP. Make it permissionless and censorship resistant. Then you have a community that will advocate for innovation e.g., UGC + royalties, customizable identity, and digital ownership.”

4. What is your outlook on 2024 and beyond for web3 gaming?

“Great multiplayer online games take years to build. Although in the coming year we’re going to see a good number of games that raised capital during the 2020-2021 era, start coming out with playable artifacts showcasing the true value of web3 gaming. We're going to see advancements in blockchain tech, specifically zk tech introduce new ways to build on-chain games.

I suspect we will also see more developers prioritize mobile with an emphasis on casual and hyper casual genres with greater clarity from the app stores. The intersection of DeFi and identity in gaming is also an area we’re watching closely as it facilitates unique experiences not possible in web2. 

There’s no way to time the market but teams who are shipping delightful player experiences and removing friction for users will be best positioned to capitalize on any tailwinds in 2024.”

The return of our GAM3 Awards in 2023 promises to be a celebration of the web3 gaming industry's growth and innovation. With industry figures like George Yousling on the jury, the event is set to recognize excellence in the ever-evolving world of web3 gaming.

GAM3 Awards 2023


February 20th 2024


November 15th 2023

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