GAM3 Awards 2023 Meet the Jury: Jen Donahoe

GAM3 Awards 2023 returns with a prominent jury, including Jen Donahoe, to honor excellence in web3 gaming. Insights on the future of web3 gaming.

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Our GAM3 Awards, a key event in the web3 gaming landscape, is set to make a return in 2023. The event's jury lineup, a blend of familiar faces from 2022 and new representatives from various sectors of web3 gaming has been unveiled. Notable additions include figures from web3 gaming venture capital firms, blockchain and ecosystem experts, infrastructure partners, and content creators, alongside established gaming leaders and tech giants like Amazon and Google.

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Among the jury members, Jen Donahoe stands out with a career spanning over two decades in marketing and growth roles within the gaming, toy, and entertainment industries. Her expertise in product marketing, team leadership, and industry education is an asset. She has worked with renowned titles such as League of Legends, TFT, Wild Rift, Monopoly Go, Star Trek Fleet Command, Farmville, and more.

Jen's journey began in the toy industry with Hasbro, Disney, and Mattel, where she contributed to iconic franchises. Currently, she serves as a fractional marketing leader / CMO at JadeInferno Consulting and is a notable presence on industry podcasts.

1. What is the most enjoyable part of your role? 

“My personal mission is to help raise the voices of underrepresented folks and support the next generation of game makers to get their shot at creating something magical. I love working with talented, creative, and growth-oriented people who authentically strive for excellence in games and game marketing.”

In the realm of web3 gaming, Jen acknowledges ongoing progress, particularly in player experiences and value. She recognizes the potential of user-generated content and player ownership as valuable additions to the gaming landscape.

2. How do you see the progress made in web3 gaming since last year? 

"Web3 still has a long way to go to broaden the appeal, but it feels like every day, there are improvements in player experience and value that help foster growth for the category."

Regarding the future of web3 gaming in 2024 and beyond, Jen predicts reduced friction in accessing digital wallets and increasing collaborations with platforms like Google Play. These developments point toward a broader business outlook for web3 gaming.

3. What is the most valuable addition web3 brings into gaming, from your perspective, if any? 

"I like the focus on UGC and player ownership. Having the opportunity to create and own something is a powerful motivation for engaging in a game."

4. What is your outlook on 2024 and beyond for web3 gaming? 

"As friction reduces with access and connections to wallets and as platforms like Google Play continue to find ways to work with web3 platforms, all signs are pointing toward a broader business outlook."

The return of our GAM3 Awards in 2023 promises to be a celebration of the web3 gaming industry's growth and innovation. With industry figures like Jen Donahoe on the jury, the event is set to recognize excellence in the ever-evolving world of web3 gaming.

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