Gala Games Schedules Playtests for Several Games

Gala Games announces scheduled playtests for numerous games within their ecosystem, including Eternal Paradox, GRIT, The Walking Dead Empires, among others.

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Gala Games is hosting playtests for several games in their ecosystem, providing players with a chance to experience new and engaging titles for either the first time ever or a new and improved version from prior releases.

Eternal Paradox is a mobile-only playtest that runs from March 14th to March 28th, open to all Gala Games account holders. Players participating in four different challenges can earn Gems, the in-game currency, by linking their Gala Wallet. Rewards include $500 worth of Gems for first place, $400 for second place, and $300 for third place in each category.

Legends Reborn, a TCG-style game with limited creatures, starts its playtest on March 16th. The game features both a standard, non-web3 version on Steam and a web3 version with NFTs. Keep an eye on the Discord channel for updates on the playtest duration and other details.

Last Expedition, a team-based extraction game, launches into early access on March 20th for Node Bundle owners. These players will receive a Steam code to access the latest dev build and test out the game's hosting features. On the other hand, GRIT, a western-themed battle-royale FPS, holds playtests every Thursday. To participate, players can sign up on their website and join the Discord server for the latest information.

With these playtests, Gala Games aims to offer a diverse range of gaming experiences for their community of web3 gaming players and NFT enthusiasts.

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September 6th 2023


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