Gala Games More Info on the Mercenaries Role in Eternal Paradox

We have seen glimpses of what Eternal Paradox has to offer, and the latest blog post gives us more info on the role of mercenaries in-game.

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Gala Games has proven time and time again its library of games, including the likes of Superior and Town Star, are of incredible quality. Eternal Paradox is no different, a turn-based RPG where you assemble an army of skilled mercenaries to rise to the challenges of your opponents. The latest blog post goes deeper into the role of mercenaries in-game and the different characters you can hire for your team.

Players will be incentivized to train and improve the level of their mercenaries following each battle as it directly contributes to your chances of success before each game. There are several ways for you to train your team and develop their abilities. The most basic form is XP points gained through playing the game normally. These can be spent to level up each of your Mercenaries. Each level, their innate abilities like HP, Attack, Defense, Speed and Leadership will increase.

Each Mercenary has six equipment slots. These can be filled with items you gain through defeating enemies in both PvE and PvP. Equipment adds extra stats to your mercenaries and can even give them special abilities if you have full sets. Other elements that contribute to your mercenaries' power include skills, rank, mastery, and awakening.

For skills, each Mercenary has a unique set of skills that are divided into two categories: Mercenary Skills and Field Battle Skills. The latter allows your character to command an army of smaller units that come to aid them in battle, while the former is directly the skills your mercenary uses within the match to take down their enemies. If you want to know more about how awakening, ranks, and mastery work, you can check out the developer's blog post.

Are you excited to get your hands on Eternal Paradox once it is available to play? Which method will you adopt to train your mercenaries? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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