$G3 Airdrop: It's Happening

Check the below $G3 airdrop criteria and more information on what comes next to make sure you are eligible.

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Mostafa Salem

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We’ve teased it for a while - yes, but here’s the official announcement you’ve been waiting for.

The $G3 token airdrop is just around the corner, and we wanted to take the time to share transparently how you can become eligible for it. 

Our upcoming airdrop is an expression of our appreciation for the dedicated community that has been part of our journey over the past two years as we built the home of web3 gaming at GAM3S.GG together.

Keeping in mind both our early supporters and future ecosystem participants, we’ve decided to split our total airdrop allocation into three different phases. There are 50,000,000 tokens (5% of the total token supply) allocated towards our airdrop, split across each different phase. 

Airdrop phase one will be allocated 15,000,000 tokens, fully unlocked without additional vesting on the day of listing, and will take into account several factors including your rank on the GAM3S.GG platform, our GAM3RS NFT holders, your $POLS holdings, and highly valued partners within our ecosystem. Further details on each criterion are listed below.

The remaining 35,000,000 tokens will be unlocked across the upcoming two phases, with further information to be later communicated around each phase rollout.

Please note: multiple phase one airdrop snapshots have been previously taken, and future ones will not be announced in advance, any actions beyond those snapshots will not count towards your $G3 airdrop eligibility for phase one. 

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$G3 Airdrop Distribution

This full distribution will be divided into three phases to both reward our users and early supporters, and align incentives around upcoming exciting feature launches within our roadmap.

  • Phase 1: Assigned 15,000,000 tokens fully unlocked at launch, the first phase will commence on the day the $G3 token listing and will include retroactive rewards for those who have been part of our journey from the very beginning, as well as existing users. This phase aims to recognize and appreciate the early supporters who have contributed to our growth and success.
  • Phase 2 & 3: The exact token breakdown between the following phases, as well as the timings for each will be revealed at a later date. Each of these phases will coincide with major platform feature launches. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements regarding future airdrops and key dates.

Through these phased distributions, we aim to create a rewarding and inclusive airdrop program that rewards early adopters and active participants while also building excitement and momentum for the future of GAM3S.GG across upcoming features and launches.

Understanding Each Eligibility Criteria

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GAM3S.GG Users

From day one, XP and ranks were an essential part of our platform. Climbing the leaderboard and ranks helps us identify our most active and engaged platform members. Only users within the following tiers are eligible, with an increase in allocation size planned in the following ascending order:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond

Please note that the Wood tier (lowest rank) will not be eligible for the upcoming airdrop to prevent sybil attacks and ensure healthy competition between our users. 

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Our upcoming 333 GAM3RS NFT collection launching on Magic Eden will also be included in our upcoming airdrops starting with phase one.

The free mint is scheduled for 29 March on Magic Eden. Make sure to complete the quest and the application form to be considered for a potential whitelist for the mint.

Polkastarter $POLS

GAM3S.GG has evolved and grown from the Polkastarter community, therefore, holders of Polkastarter's $POLS token will be included in our phase one for the airdrop. If you hold $POLS and fall between the specified tiers, you’re eligible for the upcoming $G3 token airdrop powering the GAM3S.GG ecosystem. More info here.


With time, we have managed to forge strong formidable relationships and partnerships with top web3 gaming titles, ecosystems, and communities that have helped us build the home of web3 gaming. For that reason, we’ve decided to include select partner communities that have played pivotal roles in advancing web3 gaming alongside us. While we won’t reveal the full list of partners eligible at the time being, further communication will be soon announced, so make sure to keep an eye out on our official channels.

How to Check Eligibility

Once the eligibility checker is live on our platform, you will simply need to connect your wallets to check your eligibility against the specified criteria to verify your $G3 airdrop allocation.

Please note: If you qualify for multiple criteria, you will be eligible to claim the total airdrop amount across all your verified criteria, e.g., a GAM3RS NFT holder and Silver Rank user will be eligible for a combination of both allocations. In addition, if you have multiple wallets that might be eligible for different reasons, kindly note that you will be able to connect and check your eligibility for each wallet. 

It is also important to note that all rewards will have a one-month claim window from the token launch. Make sure you claim your rewards promptly within that period to secure your airdrop allocation.

Keep an eye out for our official communication. Please remember that we will give you ample time in advance and clear notice on all of our major announcements. Make sure you practice extreme caution, do not click any suspicious links, and exercise extra diligence.

The future of gaming is $G3.


March 21st 2024


March 21st 2024