FSL's Gas Hero: Social Strategy Game Debuts $GMT Tokens

Discover Gas Hero, Find Satoshi Lab's latest strategy game on Polygon. Recruit heroes, collect NFTs, and earn $GMT tokens in this strategic gaming experience.

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Find Satoshi Lab, developers of the move-to-earn app STEPN, have introduced an early version of Gas Hero, a social strategy game slated for mobile release. Currently in beta and accessible through browsers, Gas Hero invites players into a realm of tactical battles, NFT collection, and $GMT token rewards.

Gas Hero focuses on strategic decision-making as players assemble squads of heroes, engaging in battles to accumulate power, collect NFTs, and earn $GMT tokens, a key element of Find Satoshi Lab's ecosystem.

Shiti Maghani, COO of Find Satoshi Lab, explains, "Gas Hero is all about battling, collecting NFTs, and earning GMT. It's a social game where strategic planning takes center stage." Unlike STEPN, Gas Hero operates on Polygon, utilizing a bridged version of the $GMT token. This shift reflects Find Satoshi Lab's commitment to community growth through diversified platforms.

In the beta version, players must purchase a $300 NFT post-tutorial for full game access and $GMT earnings. Expected adjustments will align with app store regulations, making NFTs an optional, not mandatory, feature. As Gas Hero progresses toward an official mobile launch, the gaming community awaits its arrival. With strategic gameplay, NFT integration, and the $GMT token ecosystem, Gas Hero promises to be a noteworthy addition to the world of social strategy gaming.

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January 8th 2024


January 8th 2024

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