Female Gamers in Asia Growing 11% per Year: 2023 Niko Partners Report

Discover the latest Niko Partners report on the growing presence of female gamers with a specific focus on the Asian video game industry in 2023.

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The global gaming industry is witnessing a remarkable rise in the presence of female gamers. With statistics highlighting their growing numbers and preferences, it is crucial to examine the significance of this demographic. 

In this deep dive report, we explore the influence and future growth of female gamers, with a specific focus on Asia. By leveraging data from reputable sources such as Newzoo, Statista, and Niko Partners, we shed light on the potential and opportunities this market holds and touch on how web3 game studios can leverage this expanding market.

The Growing Presence of Female Gamers Globally:

In recent years, female gamers have seen significant growth worldwide. Surveys indicate that almost three-quarters of women played video games in 2022, yet they are less likely to identify themselves as "gamers" compared to men. Notably, 46% of gamers globally are female, and 41% of females prefer playing games on smartphones, which accounts for 23.5% of overall gaming revenue. The puzzle genre has emerged as the most popular among female gamers.

The Influence and Future Growth in Asia:

Asia, in particular, showcases a thriving market for female gamers. The latest report from Niko Partners reveals that female gamers make up 37% of the total gamer population in Asia and are growing at an impressive rate of 11% per year, outpacing the growth of new male gamers. 

While mobile gaming currently dominates among female gamers in Asia, there is ample room for growth in PC and console gaming. This presents exciting opportunities for web3 developers and publishers to tap into this expanding market segment.

In terms of preferred genres among female gamers in Asia, puzzles remain the most popular (39.2%), followed by MOBAs (26.9%), Battle Royale (20.3%), Simulation (14.4%), and RPGs (11.1%). Web3 studios should aim to address the popularity of the Puzzle genre for female gamers in Asia - specifically targeting mobile.

However, the market for female gamers in Asia is not solely limited to casual gaming, as there is an increasing presence of female Gen Z gamers venturing into competitive games and esports genres. This is important for web3 studios to bear in mind when it comes to tapping into the monetization and growth within the Asian female gaming community. 

Revenues and the Role of Esports:

Female gamers contribute approximately 23.5% of total revenue in the Asian games market, with room for further expansion in the years to come. As the female gamer market approaches parity with their male counterparts, revenue generated by female gamers has the potential to more than double. 

Esports, in particular, plays a pivotal role in driving engagement and financial investment among female gamers. Active participation in esports, such as live streaming, competing, and playing esports games, demonstrates a higher propensity for female gamers to spend money and time on gaming content.

Reports indicate that female gamers are more likely to spend both money and time on gaming content, making them a valuable demographic for web3 game studios. By investing in esports initiatives, such as tournaments, leagues, and streaming platforms, web3 can tap into the spending habits of female gamers in Asia.

Diversity and Representation in Gaming:

Despite the growth of female gamers, there is still work to be done in addressing gender representation and diversity within games. More than 50% of gamers express dissatisfaction with how women are portrayed in games, highlighting the need for change. 

Web3 game studios have an opportunity to lead the charge by creating female-friendly games and IP that promote inclusive narratives, diverse character designs, and positive representation. By fostering an environment where all gamers feel valued and represented, web3 studios can forge stronger connections with their audiences.

Strategies for Web3 Game Studios:

To ensure web3 game studios tap into this unique and growing audience effectively, a strong focus on SEO and marketing is essential. By incorporating relevant keywords and phrases throughout their content, web3 game studios can enhance their visibility in search engine results. Important keywords to consider may include "web3 gaming," "female-friendly games," "diverse representation," and "esports for female gamers." 


The rise of female gamers globally and, specifically, in Asia, presents a significant opportunity for the gaming industry. With their increasing numbers, preferences, and monetization potential, web3 game studios and developers should recognize the importance of catering to this diverse market segment. By understanding the preferences, genres, and engagement drivers among female gamers, the industry can unlock its full potential and foster inclusive gaming experiences. The future of gaming lies in embracing the growth and influence of female gamers, and by doing so, we can create a more vibrant and inclusive gaming ecosystem.

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