Eyeball Games to Bring 8 Ball Pool with Immutable zkEVM

Eyeball Games, creators of the acclaimed 8 Ball Pool, announces plans to innovate the genre by integrating blockchain and web3 technology.

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Eyeball Games, the powerhouse behind the Guinness World Record-holding 8 Ball Pool, has announced their commitment to Immutable zkEVM. With over 12 million daily active users, an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of $100 million, and more than a billion downloads, Eyeball Games is ready to make their mark on the pool game genre through enhanced gameplay and true digital ownership.

Despite its immense popularity, the pool game genre hasn't seen significant changes in the past 12 years. Eyeball Games, however, is ready to shake things up with their fresh approach to gameplay. Leveraging blockchain and web3 technology, they aim to foster shared ownership, thereby significantly improving a gamer's experience.

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"We believe that there’s power in partnering with a specialized chain versus one that tries to fit all use cases. Immutable works day and night to improve their gaming ecosystem, developer tooling, and publishing capabilities."

CEO of Eyeball Games, Jonathan Ivarsson

Eyeball Games' partnership with Immutable zkEVM is poised to bring a groundbreaking change to the pool game genre. Their innovative approach demonstrates how established games can embrace new technologies to create more engaging, ownership-oriented gaming experiences.

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September 6th 2023


July 6th 2023