EVE Online Dev, CCP Games, Raises $40M For New Web3 Game

CCP Games, the renowned studio behind the massively successful MMORPG, EVE Online, has raised $40M to venture into web3 gaming and develop a blockchain-powered title.

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CCP Games, the creators of the popular sci-fi MMO EVE Online, announced today that they have secured $40 million in funding from external partners. This investment will enable the company to expand its R&D capabilities and develop a new AAA title leveraging blockchain technology, set within the EVE Universe.

CCP Games CEO, Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, shared the company's vision, stating that since its inception, CCP Games has aimed to create virtual worlds that offer more meaning than real life. With advancements in blockchain technology, the company can now create a new universe that combines their expertise in player agency and autonomy, allowing players to engage in new ways.

This funding marks an exciting step in the company's history as it begins its third decade of virtual world operations. CCP Games is grateful for the partnership and support from its investors in the development of this new title. The new project will build key game systems on-chain and utilize smart-contract blockchain technology. It will focus on persistence, composability, and truly open third-party development, creating a unique relationship between virtual worlds and players.

Jonathan Lai, a16z General Partner, expressed enthusiasm for CCP Games' ambitious vision to deliver incredible player experiences by combining top-notch game design with blockchain technology. Alli Óttarsson, Makers Fund Principal, and former CCP employee, also expressed excitement for the company's continued passion for creating meaningful virtual worlds.

The new title's production will be separate from current and previously disclosed projects, including EVE Online, which is now celebrating its 20th anniversary. This innovative venture demonstrates CCP Games' ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of virtual worlds and gaming experiences with their latest dive into web3 gaming.

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September 6th 2023


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