Ember Sword Closed Beta Launches July 12th

Explore Ember Sword's closed beta starting July 12th, featuring early access gameplay of its fantasy world and economy systems.

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Ember Sword Unveils Early Access Prologue and Major Developments

Bright Star Studios is gearing up for a significant milestone in the development of Ember Sword: the closed beta launch scheduled for July 12th. This phase marks the first opportunity for eligible players to delve into the early access testnet builds of the anticipated cross-platform MMORPG.

Ember Sword Closed Beta Launches July 12th

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More About Ember Sword

Ember Sword is an MMORPG that emphasizes engaging gameplay, featuring fast-paced ARPG/MOBA combat within a persistent fantasy world. The game provides a vibrant ecosystem where players can acquire rare cosmetics, own dynamic land plots, and collect valuable items, all while crafting a landscape that reflects their vision. Blockchain-based ownership enhances the rarity and excitement, empowering players to shape the game.

Players earn collectibles through PvE battles, PvP seasons, and boss challenges. By trading or merging these cosmetics for rarer items, they can showcase their style and skills. Landowners play a crucial role in this evolving world by offering premium services and managing resources, reaping real rewards.

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Introducing Ember Sword: Prologue

Ember Sword: Prologue, as it's titled for this closed beta, will introduce participants to foundational gameplay mechanics and the intricacies of its economy system within a limited yet richly detailed portion of its expansive fantasy world. Players can expect to explore the Solarwood nation, a region rich in diverse landscapes and creatures, despite being constrained in initial size.

The game promises a unique blend of isometric action/adventure and RPG elements, set against the backdrop of a world recovering from a "mysterious flux storm" that has rendered much of it uninhabitable. This setting sets the stage for ongoing narrative developments that will unfold as the game progresses towards its full release.

Ember Sword Closed Beta Launches July 12th

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How to Earn $EMBER Tokens and NFTs

One of the standout features of Ember Sword is its innovative use of blockchain technology. Upon the eventual transition to mainnet, players will have the opportunity to earn $EMBER tokens and acquire non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through gameplay and various in-game activities. Landowners within the game will also benefit from the economy, receiving a share of NFT transactions occurring on their plots.

Explore the On-Chain Economy of Ember Sword

In-Game Economy

PvP zones: Blue Zones

The gameplay experience will be further enhanced by the introduction of distinct PvP zones: Blue Zones offer safety from player combat, while Yellow and Red Zones increase risk but also reward, with higher chances of rare resources and more intense player-versus-player interactions. A unique mechanic in these zones ensures that items dropped during PvP encounters have a chance to be destroyed, aiming to balance in-game economics and preserve its integrity.

In-Game Premium Shop

During the Ember Sword closed beta, players will also have access to an in-game Premium Shop where they can purchase cosmetic items like emotes, weapon skins, and armor skins. It's important to note that all progress made during this phase will be reset before the game's full launch, ensuring a level playing field once the developers finalize the game's economy and mechanics.

Explore the On-Chain Economy of Ember Sword

Collectibles Explained

How to Participate

To participate in Ember Sword's closed beta, interested players must meet specific requirements, such as owning $EMBER tokens, Ember Sword Land, $EMBER badges, or being part of the Creator Program. This selective approach aims to involve dedicated community members who can provide valuable feedback to shape the game's future.

Final Thoughts

Ember Sword aims to redefine the MMORPG genre by integrating blockchain technology to empower players with true ownership and earning opportunities within its virtual world. For those eager to embark on this journey, the closed beta offers a tantalizing preview of what's to come in the realm of Ember Sword. More information is available on the official social media account here.

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