Life Beyond Studio, Darewise Entertainment, Raises $3.5 Million

Discover how Darewise Entertainment's latest token pre-sale secured $3.5M in investments.

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Darewise Entertainment, a branch of Animoca Brands, recently announced a successful $3.5 million raise from a token pre-sale. This funding is earmarked for the development of their ambitious project, Life Beyond, an open-world science fiction game. The game integrates next-generation digital economies driven by NFTs. Horizon Labs, known for their Ethereum-based ApeCoin launched in March 2022, collaborated with Darewise to introduce the forthcoming token, set to make its debut early next year.

The visionary behind Darewise Entertainment, established in 2018, aspires to craft its metaverse ecosystem centered on Bitcoin Ordinals. This unique concept resembles NFTs, where the Ordinals protocol permits users to inscribe a variety of digital content, ranging from images to video games, onto the Bitcoin blockchain. This groundbreaking protocol also facilitates the creation of BRC-20 tokens.

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A diverse group of prominent investment entities, including Gamefi Ventures, London Real Ventures, Citizen Capital, Blocore, and Animoca Ventures, supported Darewise's token sale. Envisioned to incorporate facets like gaming, brand partnerships, real-world experiences, and more, the Darewise token is positioned to serve as the universe's primary currency.

Originating in Hong Kong, software giant Animoca Brands commenced its operations in 2014. By September 2022, the company achieved a noteworthy valuation of $5.9 billion. Among its various achievements, the Ethereum-based open-world video game, "The Sandbox," stands out, drawing renowned celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton.

Despite not being the foremost choice for open-world gaming, many believe Bitcoin holds significant potential in the metaverse domain. James Lim, Blocore's founder, expressed his support for Darewise and "Life Beyond" by highlighting its innovative approach to merging the Bitcoin ecosystem with immersive digital experiences.


October 18th 2023


October 18th 2023

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