Cross The Ages Implements Gameplay Changes and New Features

Discover the latest gameplay changes and features in Cross The Ages, including updates to the start and middle of an era, leveling missions, and more.

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Cross The Ages has introduced several updates to enhance gameplay experience, including changes to both the start and middle of an era, general updates, and new features. At the start of the era, players now have 30-card decks with a maximum power of 15,000 and the option to include 3 fields. Additionally, the Mulligan phase and Affinity Reinforcements have been adjusted to improve gameplay balance.

In the middle of the era, affixes have been reworked, and a corrupted dice has been added, providing players with more variety in their games. Moreover, further adjustments to Special Attack will be made later in the era.

In addition to these changes, the game has introduced general updates such as retroactive level rewards, which include additional deck slots, special attacks, trisel, cards, and cosmetics. The introduction of PayPal and UTrust payment methods make transactions smoother for in-game and desktop purchases. Furthermore, recent chests, such as the EVENT and NYC Chests, are now mintable, providing players with more ways to obtain valuable items.

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September 6th 2023


May 6th 2023

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