Cross The Ages Era #3 Scheduled for March 6th Release

Cross The Ages Era #3 brings tons of gameplay changes, new features, and overall improvements to the TCG on March 6th.

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Cross The Ages as Era #3 is set to launch on March 6th with a host of changes and updates. The new era promises to be more challenging and engaging than ever before, with a revamped scoring system, changes to the starting hand and card draw, and the addition of a dynamic Affixes system.

The new scoring system will reward players who have double affinities with one point, while simple affinities will no longer provide any points. Capture points will remain the same, with players receiving two points for each capture. The points threshold will remain at 65 points, so players will still need to strategize and plan carefully to win the game.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, players will now start with four cards and draw one per turn. This means that players will have five cards in hand for the first playable turn, giving them a slight advantage over their opponents.

The most exciting addition to Era #3 is the Affixes system, which will randomize in-game events and make the game more dynamic and unpredictable. Players will have the opportunity to express their creativity and strategy in new and exciting ways with this system. The Affixes will be unlocked depending on the player's rating, with the first pool of affixes unlocking gradually and the second pool of affixes unlocking once the player reaches a rating of 1700 or higher.

But that's not all - there are also updates to Perks and Mint Passes! The Perks, which are based on the amount of $CTA Tokens players have, have been revamped. Meanwhile, the type of Packs purchased will determine which of the 6 Mint Pass varieties players receive. Only two of them, the Golden Mint Pass and the Legacy Mint Pass, can be obtained by chance. Each Mint Pass will allow players to obtain a special card, with some of them even giving more than one. These cards all share the same rarity but not the same Power.

So, how can players get their hands on these special cards? They will receive weekly tickets until Presale of season 2, and these tickets are NFTs, which means they can be resold or transferred. These tickets will be used to claim the special cards, adding an exciting new layer to the game.

Overall, Cross The Ages Era #3 promises to be an exciting and challenging new chapter for fans of the game. With new gameplay mechanics, a revamped scoring system, and the dynamic Affixes system, players will need to be on top of their game to come out on top once it is live on March 6th.

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