Cross The Ages Showcases Physical Cards NFC Feature

Cross The Ages, a highly anticipated and innovative NFT card game, showcased its physical cards' NFC feature and it looks really impressive.

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Cross The Ages is one of the most anticipated card games in blockchain gaming and web3 space. The amount of time and attention dedicated by the development team to build lore and characters that draw you into their worlds is astonishing. A prominent message echoed throughout their marketing material is the team’s focus on connecting both the real world with the in-game NFT cards, and their latest Cross The Ages NFC feature showcase highlights that perfectly.

The clip, albeit short but straight to the point, shows one of the in-game cards being connected and recognized through the NFC technology., The card, namely Water Snake as featured on their website, is simply tapped onto the back of the mobile, which obviously has to support NFC, and the user is prompted to convert their physical card into an NFT.

From there, users can easily add the same card they are holding in their hand to an in-game asset that can be bought, sold, traded, added to their deck, or anything else they want to do with it. This brings back tons of resemblance to Nintendo’s Amiibos, which are available for purchase and users can sync them onto their consoles to play with the corresponding character in-game.

The future of card games within web3 gaming is looking bright with Cross The Ages breaking down barriers, Cards of Ethernity building an ever-expanding recognizable IP universe, Gods Unchained offering players a daily $GODS prize pool as part of their play-and-earn campaign, and tons of other exciting developments.

What do you think of the NFC feature Cross The Ages will include on its physical cards? Do you think bridging physical items and NFTs will be an integral gameplay experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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September 21st 2023


August 27th 2022

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