Cross The Ages Arkhante Event Kicks Off March 13th

Cross The Ages announces the Arkhante Event, set to kick off on March 13th, offering players the opportunity to participate and win unique advantages and collectibles.

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Cross The Ages is organizing a new event called The Arkhante Event, which will begin on March 13th. The event will focus on the Arkhante faction, known for their powerful magic spells. Players will have the opportunity to compete with each other and climb the leaderboard by earning Event Points through completing quests and participating in ranked games.

To participate in the event, players must purchase the "Event Insignia," which not only grants them access to the event but also provides unique advantages such as earning more Event Coins and exclusive collectibles. As players progress through the levels, they will be rewarded with various prizes, including Trisels, Avatars, Frames, Random Cards, and an Event Chest. Additionally, players who reach level 50 with the Insignia will receive an Exclusive Random Card and can continue to farm Coins indefinitely.

To earn Event Points, players must complete quests and participate in ranked games. There are weekly missions that reward 1520 Points, daily quests that grant 80 Points, and 125 Points for each Ranked Game victory. The event store will open about a week after the start of the event, where players can use their Event Coins to purchase a range of exciting items such as Frames, Emotes, Card Backs, and Random Cards.

For Insignia holders, there are additional exclusive items available for purchase, including a Banner, Footer, and Random Card+. There is even an Exclusive Random Card that players can obtain by spending 500 Coins. The Arkhante Event will last for three weeks, and players will have the chance to showcase their magical skills and earn rewards. It's an excellent opportunity for both seasoned players and newcomers to experience the mystical world of Cross The Ages.

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