Co-Founder of Apple Arcade Joins The Sandbox Game

Nicola Sebastiani, the former co-founder of Apple Arcade, has joined The Sandbox Game to further empower the game's creator economy.

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The Sandbox, a voxel-style adventure game, is taking major strides to strengthen its creator economy by hiring Nicola Sebastiani, an industry stalwart with significant experience. Nicola, who has had significant roles at companies like Ubisoft, PlayStation, and was even a co-founder for Apple's Arcade subscription service, has now decided to venture into the web3 space with The Sandbox.

In a recent discussion with Decrypt, Sebastiani expressed his belief that the gaming industry is at a pivotal point. He emphasized the importance of the creator economy and the role of user-generated content (UGC) in the evolution of gaming. Interestingly, he doesn't just perceive The Sandbox as a gaming platform; he sees it as a more encompassing social platform. While the platform primarily focuses on mini-games and varied gaming experiences, Sebastiani aims to make it more versatile, allowing users to socialize and experiment.

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As the newly appointed Chief Content Officer, Sebastiani will be responsible for an array of operations: from overseeing the game's creator economy to supervising game publishing, internal game production, and the further development of The Sandbox tools like Game Maker and VoxEdit.

However, The Sandbox has distinct characteristics that set it apart from its industry counterparts such as Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. It requires users to have a basic understanding of crypto and NFTs. This is because they need to link their crypto wallets, transact with the platform's SAND token, and even purchase virtual land NFTs for a holistic experience.

This integration of crypto is vital, according to Sebastiani, as it brings a sense of ownership and allows creators to capitalize on their creations and accomplishments. In a significant move to empower its creators, The Sandbox has plans to let players build and self-publish their experiences by year's end. This gives emphasis on the game's direction towards further empowering their creator economy and heavy reliance on user-generated content to keep it fresh and constantly give players new experiences to jump into.


October 18th 2023


October 18th 2023

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