Chronos: Dawn Of Time Update v1.4 Adds Ambush Mode

Chronos: Dawn of Time released update v1.4 for its open beta, and adds Ambush mode, a new premium currency, and much more.

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Chronos: Dawn of Time, the adventure RPG game, has released an update v1.4 for its open beta, packed with new features to enhance the gaming experience for players.

The update includes a full team selection feature and a new mail system, as well as the introduction of a Shady Merchant, where players can now craft NFTs with in-game resources without any friction. Additionally, the update also includes tournament spectator support, a new premium currency called Gems, and loadout systems, allowing new players to equip default loadouts for tournaments, abilities, and attributes during gameplay.

In terms of balancing, attribute scaling percentages have been adjusted, and flying bat damage has been reduced. Players can also expect new rewards in the Ambush mode, with the addition of five new very hard Ambush rounds. The update includes new village decoration with boosts, a new biome, and a new map that will be revealed in the upcoming tournament.

Moreover, players can anticipate new attacks that will be revealed soon. The developers have added a reward system for beta testers, ensuring their support and contributions are acknowledged and appreciated. Chronos: Dawn of Time update v1.4 is now available for players to experience the new features and gameplay enhancements.

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September 21st 2023


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