ChronoForge Raises $3M for Action RPG

ChronoForge and the Rift Foundation close investment round for $RIFT token, raising over 3 million USD to support the ChronoForge gaming ecosystem.

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ChronoForge Raises $3M for Action RPG

ChronoForge and the Rift Foundation have announced the close of a strategic investment round for the $RIFT token, raising over $3 million USD to support the ChronoForge gaming ecosystem. 

ChronoForge Raises $3M for Action RPG

What is ChronoForge?

In development for the last two years at Minted Loot Studios, ChronoForge is a novel multiplayer action RPG in which the collective decisions of all players "make or break the world".

A team of more than forty game developers have been working on ChronoForge with previous experience in multiplayer AAA titles including Diablo II & III, Monster Hunter World, Battlefield 2042, Gears of War, Armored Core VI, and Street Fighter. 

Despite boasting zero dollars spent on marketing in the last 12 months, the value of ChronoForge NFTs has increased by more than an order of magnitude since the first public playtest in October 2023, driven by a hyped community of loyal gamers.

ChronoForge Raises $3M for Action RPG

Round Details

The $RIFT strategic investment round was led by Citizen Capital - the official investment arm of Neo Tokyo. Other participants included a significant number of top web3 content creators including Alex Becker, Ellio Trades, Faze Banks, Grail.Eth, Brian D Evans, and others.

Several gaming-focused web3 VCs and DAOs also contributed, including WW Ventures, Liquid X (owners of Pixelmon), 369 Capital, MH Ventures, Spicy Capital, Contango Digital, and Spirit DAO.

ChronoForge Raises $3M for Action RPG

New Game Features   

With new funds entering the ChronoForge ecosystem, the team at Minted Loot Studios is planning a slew of new game features including real-time PVP and what they describe as "AI integrated at unprecedented scale".


The studio was founded by an experienced AI engineer who has been developing their own AI character scaling technology for over a year - called Mind ToMe AI - which they say is part of these plans. The team promised to reveal more details on these new features later next month. To keep up to date with the latest news you can follow their Twitter and join their discord



March 2nd 2024


March 2nd 2024