Aether Games Gives Sneak Peek on Cards of Ethernity Aether Coins Store

Aether Games introduce a new currency to Cards of Ethernity for players to easily purchase Booster Packs.

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An update to the in-game currency system is being introduced to Cards of Ethernity in order to better reward active players. The new currency, called Aether Coins, will be available for purchase via FIAT methods in the newly introduced Aether Coins Store on February 1st. These coins will be used to acquire Booster Packs, which contain cards to help players grow their decks. The current Coins of Luck system will be phased out and replaced by Aether Coins, with current Coins of Luck being converted at a determined rate into the new currency.

In addition to this, new Quests will be available that will reward players with Aether Coins to further aid in-game progression. The Booster Packs themselves will also be available both on-chain and off-chain, with the option to purchase them as standard, non-tradeable assets for immediate opening or as tradeable NFTs to be sold on secondary markets.

In the future, players will also be able to convert in-game assets to NFTs using the wrapped version of the Aether tokens, unlocking tradeability. More information about the Booster Packs will be shared throughout the week.

For those of you unfamiliar with Cards of Ethernity, it is a digital collectible card web3 game, where players can collect, trade, and play with unique digital cards that exist as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The game features a variety of cards with different abilities and rarities, as well as a player-vs-player battle system. We have already sat down before with Jens to discuss what the future looks like for Aether Games and played against him as well on our Twitch channel. Check it out to see who came out victorious.

What do you think of the change to Aether Coins? How much Cards of Ethernity have you been playing lately?

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September 6th 2023


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