Axie Origins Season 3: The Mystic Era Kicks Off with Major Updates

Axie Origins is going into its Mystic Era of Season 3, and with that comes a new leaderboard with a stacked prize pool as well as gameplay changes.

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Axie Origins Season 3 ushers in the Mystic Era, which will last for three weeks, offering a substantial prize pool of 56,238 AXS, representing 50% of the season's total prize pool. As the final stretch of this season commences, anticipation grows to see which team compositions will excel and which players will dominate the leaderboards.

The developers have introduced an improved Mystic Moment system, ensuring that players can successfully craft a Mystic Rune or Charm after a sufficient number of attempts. This update accounts for the increase in Mystics this season and the data gathered from the previous season.

Players are encouraged to share their Mystic rune and charm crafts on Twitter, using the hashtag #MysticMoment and tagging @AxieInfinity for a chance to have their tweets featured on the game's official Twitter page.

Additionally, Axie Origins has announced a one-week Double SLP (Smooth Love Potion) event, starting on Friday, March 31. The event is open to all ranks, including Egg, Chick, and Hare ranks, which typically do not receive SLP per win. More details about the event will be shared soon.

Several bug fixes have also been implemented in Origins, including:

  • Corrected damage calculations for Storm Shuriken and Exploding Bombshell
  • Heaven's Echoes now correctly grants a 20% bonus DMG to other allies
  • Updated Heal/Shield/Damage formula to apply reductions after flat bonuses and flat reductions at the end

Players can download Axie Origins to participate in the exciting events and experience the latest updates.

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