Axie Homeland Alpha Season 2 Goes Live

Axie Homeland Alpha Season 2 is now live, introducing new features such as the Axie Management Board, Smart Equip System, and Seasonal Achievement Rewards to enhance your gaming experience.

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Axie Homeland Alpha Season 2 is now live, and it brings a range of new features and prizes for players to enjoy. This season will last for 30 days, and all building progress will remain until the end of the Alpha. With the introduction of an Axie Management Board and a Smart Equip System, players can look forward to a more organized and competitive gaming experience.

The new Task Management board allows players to keep track of axie activity, building progress, and gathering status across their plot, making it easier to monitor and manage their in-game progress. The Smart Equip system enhances the adventurers' dashboard, displaying specific stats, prices, and other information in one convenient location. This feature is especially crucial in preparation for the upcoming PvP mode.

In addition to these new features, Axie Homeland Alpha Season 2 introduces Seasonal Achievement Rewards. Players can earn these rewards by reaching new milestones on their plot, gaining prestigious titles in the process. Five new Seasonal Achievement rewards are available, further enriching the Axie Infinity: Homeland experience.

Get ready to explore the exciting new features and rewards that Axie Homeland Alpha Season 2 has to offer. Don't miss out on the enhanced gameplay and opportunities to earn prizes in this latest update.

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September 6th 2023


April 19th 2023

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