Avalon Unveils Exclusive Trailer for Upcoming MMORPG

Avalon reveals exclusive details about its eponymous UGC-focused “interoperable and multi-genre” MMORPG.

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Avalon, the US-based game studio, recently announced details about its highly anticipated User-Generated Content (UGC) MMORPG. Founded by Jeffrey Butler, a key figure in EverQuest, alongside industry veterans Sean Pinnock and Zack Karlsson, Avalon brings together a team with extensive experience in notable titles such as Call of Duty, Diablo, God of War, Assassin’s Creed, and Elden Ring. The fully remote game studio announced a $13 million investment round in February of this year which went towards building its eponymous UGC-focused “interoperable and multi-genre” MMORPG.


The game, developed using Unreal Engine, Didimo’s Popul8 character creation platform, and Inworld’s AI-powered character engine, offers players more than just a traditional gaming experience. Avalon enables players to actively shape, share, and claim ownership of their digital adventures. The initial glimpse of Avalon comes through a 90-second teaser, seamlessly transitioning between high fantasy and cyberpunk settings.

Jeffrey Butler, serving as Chief Product Officer, shared his vision of giving Avalon players control over their gaming experiences, making the act of creating as rewarding as questing – a concept rooted in his work on EverQuest. Although Jeffrey didn't delve into specifics about the platform's use of blockchain, anticipation remains for further details about the web3 gaming aspects of Avalon.

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I’ve always had a clear vision of a limitless online world where players are equipped with the tools to not only create whatever they can dream but also share experiences across multiple connected realities. It’s too difficult for any one person or company to build, but we believe that by empowering our community alongside us, we can make something that fulfills the promise of the metaverse.

Sean Pinnock, CEO and Founder of Avalon

Avalon's venture marks a notable step toward a player-centric metaverse, emphasizing creativity and collaboration. As development progresses, gaming enthusiasts eagerly await more insights into the features shaping the future of MMORPGs. Stay tuned for updates on Avalon and its unique approach to web3 gaming.



February 20th 2024


November 20th 2023