Aurory Tactics: Alpha Season 3 Conclusion and Seasonal Changes

Aurory Tactics recaps its Alpha Season 3 performance and what changes players should expect with the new season.

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As Aurory Tactics concludes its Alpha Season 3 this week, the development team has announced its intentions to implement a new seasonal structure moving forward. The proposed changes are designed to enhance the gaming experience and keep players engaged throughout each season.

Starting from the next season, each season will last approximately three months. This extension allows the development team to create new content for every season, including unique rewards and Nefties. Moreover, they plan to synchronize the launch of new seasons with Tactics builds, providing a fresh start for players at the beginning of each season..

In response to concerns that players may become less active once they have achieved a specific rank, the development team is working on a rank decay system. This new mechanism will incentivize players to maintain their activity levels to secure their leaderboard positions throughout the season.. The developers are considering introducing regular competitive events at the end of each season, as well as offering select Aurorian holders early access to new builds before public release. Further details on these potential developments will be announced in due course..

As the current season comes to an end without a new patch, the team is set to deploy Patch 0.2.9 this week, introducing new features and additions to Tactics.. The development team is focusing on delivering The Village: Prologue to Adventures as soon as possible. To ensure a high-quality first experience for players, the early access release has been rescheduled to late April, slightly delayed from the initial end of Q1 target.

Aurory Tactics players can anticipate an engaging and refreshed gaming experience in the upcoming seasons, thanks to the development team's efforts to enhance the seasonal structure and content offerings.

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September 6th 2023


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