Aurory Releases New Rarity System and Incubator 2.0

Aurory have detailed the changes made to their new Incubator as well as their Neftie rarity system for easier visual identification.

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Aurory, the popular adventure title, has announced that it is revamping its incubator and Neftie rarity system. The previous incubator system was not ideal in the long term, according to the studio's latest blog post. The reason for this was that the old system generated a higher number of rare Nefties being hatched than what was needed to maintain a good economic/rarity balance long term.

To address this issue, Aurory has introduced a new incubator system. The new system uses a controlled-random formula to first decide the rarity of the Neftie being hatched, and then generate a random combination of stats within that rarity range. This same system will also be used for generating items in-game that have rarities associated with them.

In addition to the new incubator system, Aurory is introducing a Neftie rarity system based on a one to five-star scale. The table provided by the studio shows the rarity terms/number of stars associated, stat ranges, and probability of hatching a Neftie of that rarity.

Aurory has lowered the default Neftie statistics to 10% for now to balance Aurory Tactics. The game is still a game of skill, and a good player who studies the game will still be able to beat an average invested player, even while playing with free Nefties.

The Neftie rarity system will have a visual representation of rarity on its NFT card in the form of stars that can range from one to five. The number of stars that a Neftie has displayed on its NFT card will represent the average stat range of that Neftie as well as the percentage of chances that players will have to hatch a Neftie within that range.

Players might be concerned about the change in the system. Aurory, however, believes that these changes are in the best interest of keeping their economy balanced and making the Nefties even more valuable. The company appreciates the players for trusting them to make the best decisions for the game and its players. They will continue to collect players' feedback and monitor data to make informed decisions about the platform's development.

You can read our Aurory guide for all the information you need before jumping into your first adventure across the game's magical world. On the other hand, if you are already a fan of Aurory Tactics, we have tips and tricks for certain team compositions that can help you come out on top.

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September 6th 2023


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