Animoca Brands Mocaverse Integration with RPG Pixels

Animoca’s membership NFT collection Mocaverse and social RPG Pixels have unveiled plans to integrate a Mocaverse metagame into the Pixels universe.

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In a strategic collaboration, Animoca Brands’s membership NFT collection Mocaverse and social RPG Pixels have unveiled plans to integrate a Mocaverse metagame into the Pixels universe. Mocaverse NFT holders can now access the Moca Clubhouse within the Pixels universe, introducing a distinct game loop and exclusive rewards. According to Pixels CEO Luke Barwikowski, this will include “the biggest rewards we’ve ever done in Pixels” which has generated considerable interest from web3 gamers.

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Ronin, the Ethereum sidechain synonymous with Axie Infinity, is currently undergoing substantial growth. According to new data from Nansen, Ronin now hosts over 150,000 Unique Active Wallets (UAWs), with on-chain transactions surpassing 500,000 as of November 20th. Simultaneously, the native token RON is on the rise - experiencing a 13% increase, reaching a price of approximately $0.68, according to CoinGecko data. 

The catalyst for this growth is credited, in part, to the recent launch of Pixels on the Ronin network. Formerly on Ethereum's Polygon, Pixels migrated to Ronin, contributing significantly to the network's expanding user base. The game, reminiscent of classic 16-bit role-playing adventures, immerses players in a pixel-art world, providing opportunities for interaction, virtual land farming, engaging in mini-games, and earning token rewards. 

Pixels, having exceeded 100,000 DAUs post-Ronin deployment, is adding another layer to its appeal with its latest integration with Mocaverse. Now, exclusive pets, accessible solely through the Moca Clubhouse, will offer players a chance to enhance their gaming experience with unique companions. To facilitate a smooth transition, Mocaverse has increased the distribution of invite codes, specifically for Pixels users. Players can enter using their basic Mocaverse avatar or opt for exclusive avatars available to Moca ID holders. This follows Mocaverse's recent integration of Ubisoft's Champions Tactics Grimoria Chronicles, promising an expanded and interconnected gaming experience within web3.

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The Moca community also boasts a very active ecosystem, with 41,000 Moca IDs already minted to date at the time of reporting. In a recent AMA, Barwikowski revealed the Moca Clubhouse's two to three-week duration, set to launch by the end of November. As excitement builds, this collaboration signifies another noteworthy development for social RPGs in web3.



February 20th 2024


November 25th 2023

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