Neal Stephenson’s Lamina1 Reveals Plans & Partnership with Avalanche

Neal Stephenson’s Lamina1 has unveiled plans for its metaverse development infrastructure on Avalanche.

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In a noteworthy development, Lamina1, led by Neal Stephenson, has revealed plans for their latest project: a Layer 1 blockchain integrated with the Avalanche network. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in the company's mission to empower creators and users within an open, user-friendly metaverse.


Lamina1 x Avalanche

Lamina1, co-founded by Neal Stephenson, Peter Vessenes, and Rebecca Barkin, is committed to facilitating metaverse content creation and development. Their approach involves harnessing Avalanche's technology stack and developer tools to create an interconnected metaverse that promotes integration with various platforms. This design fosters a dynamic and open environment for blockchain networks, aiming to bridge the gap between content creators and users.


Layer 1 Blockchain

The introduction of a high-performance Layer 1 blockchain on the Avalanche chain by Lamina1 is a substantial step towards establishing the essential infrastructure for the open metaverse. This development underlines the importance of a robust foundation, ensuring the metaverse's growth and functionality.

Neal Stephenson, a prominent figure in web3, reiterates his commitment to tangible technology over trends. In a recent interview with GamesBeat, Stephenson and Avalanche executive John Nahas emphasized the significance of an open metaverse characterized by interoperability, decentralization, and scalability.


Lamina1's strategic approach includes leveraging powerful technologies such as Avalanche's web3 tech stack to expedite development and prioritize practical results over elaborate rhetoric. This approach ensures efficiency and usability within the metaverse.

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We founded Lamina1 because we would like to see the Metaverse develop in a way that’s open, decentralized, and welcoming for creators. In order to have a Metaverse that millions of people visit and use, we’ll need experiences there that people enjoy having. That starts with building creator support into the system from the ground up. We’ve found a partner that’s aligned with that vision and that has the engineering heft to realize it.

Neal Stephenson, Co-Founder of Lamina1 and Author of Snow Crash

Founders and Mission

The founders of Lamina1 say they are united in their mission to create an open, decentralized, and creator-friendly metaverse. Their goal is to offer a platform that delivers enjoyable user experiences and unwavering support for content creators. The company has achieved notable milestones, with nearly 50,000 participants actively involved in its Testnet and Betanet phases.

During the recent unveiling, Lamina1 showcased a range of practical features designed to enhance accessibility and user-friendliness within the metaverse. These include decentralized asset storage solutions, user-friendly world-builder tools, game engine and web SDKs, a consumer-grade user experience, and a straightforward world server for multiplayer interactions.

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Since day one, Peter, Neal, and I have had tremendous respect for Avalanche and the team at Ava Labs –– not just their core technology, but their business acumen, their focus on building long term value, and their first-class developer support, which is a critical aspect of onboarding new content creators and keeping them.

Rebecca Barkin, CEO of Lamina1

Lamina1's commitment to an open and user-friendly metaverse, combined with Avalanche's robust technology, holds the potential to transform the digital landscape. Neal Stephenson's vision for an open metaverse is well on its way to becoming a reality, promising to revolutionize interactions within virtual worlds and provide creators with the tools they need to thrive.


February 18th 2024


October 21st 2023