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My Pet Hooligan is the creation of AMGI Studios and their mission to enhance the physical to digital experience within web3 gaming. The Rabbit Hole is an immersive experience that pits all the lovable yet dangerous rabbit hooligans against the dangerous Zuck Bots looking to take over the metaverse.


The Alpha version of The Rabbit Hole gave us a glimpse of the type of gameplay AMGI Studios wants to deliver. Players dive into the world as one of their Hooligan NFTs, if you don’t hold any, you get a default character, and start enjoying a care-free experience where you can run, jump around, and shoot the environment around you.

My Pet Hooligan offers players a diversity of weapons, ranging from fighting knuckles and baseball bats to shotguns and water pistols. Each one feels different enough for you to pick and choose which one you enjoy the most. There will come a time when you need to choose the optimal weapon for the situation you are in when the Zuck Bots arrive.

The game allows you to skateboard throughout the city, which instantly brought back memories to all the hours spent playing Tony Hawk. You can do tricks along the way as well to keep yourself entertained till you get to your destination. One of the biggest attractions of The Rabbit Hole and My Pet Hooligan is its community focused. It is emphasized through gameplay encouraging players to group up and play together.

The end goal for AMGI Studios is to develop My Pet Hooligan and The Rabbit Hole title to become this immersive experience with neverending replayability since it will all rely on how crazy you and your squad are. Once more maps, more weapons, better environment destructibility, and better multiplayer features are implemented, how you enjoy the game will be solely up to you.


As silly as it was, My Pet Hooligan and The Rabbit Hole experience offer a nice and relaxing time for when you want to disconnect from everything and jump into a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Add on top of that the ability to customize your character and high quality motion capture technology through their Livelink application, and it is almost a neverending sandbox experience.

Nonetheless, the game is still in its Alpha version 1.1, which means the bugs with the jumping mechanisms and occasional glitching through terrain and clunky shooting mechanics with certain weapons are all understandable for now. AMGI Studios have so much to unravel over the upcoming updates. Eventually the comparisons to the likes The SandboxDecentraland, and REALM will be inevitable because even with the storyline in place, My Pet Hooligan shines with the freedom it gives its players.

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Endless fun

Incredible Motion Capture technology


Occasional bugs and glitches

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