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Ever wanted to be a rule-breaker? Ever just wanted to feel the wind hit your face as you skateboard down a massive hill wearing nothing but your underwear? Well, My Pet Hooligan has you covered with all things adorable and outrageous within their game. 

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A studio that has mastered facial recognition within their own game and isn’t shy about creating wacky videos for you to enjoy, especially ones that feature the iconic mascot, Hooli! The game strikes a beautiful balance of stunning artwork and enjoyable scenery to take in while riding around the entire city, complete with action-packed quests to keep you on your toes. My Pet Hooligan offers the perfect blend of elements to captivate newcomers and keep them engaged for hours.

The game thrusts you headfirst into its stunning artwork with a beautiful startup screen and art sprinkled throughout the menus. From charming hand-drawn illustrations on the battle pass screen to artwork adorning nearly every building in the game, it proudly showcases its hard work.

Witnessing cute rabbits wielding flamethrowers amidst the stunning menus, the game's visuals continue to impress as you explore the city. With various hangout zones, each boasting unique features like buildings, trees, and containers, the expansive map promises hours of exploration. Whether you're strolling, running, or skateboarding through the city, you're bound to stumble upon Easter eggs and have a blast.

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With impeccable graphics and minimal screen tearing issues, the game ensures a seamless visual experience. Each explosion and weapon interaction adds excitement without disrupting the flow of gameplay. Offering three distinct modes, including the aforementioned hangout mode, Coinpocalypse mode for intense coin-grabbing competitions, and the adrenaline-fueled Anarchy mode, the game caters to diverse gameplay preferences. These modes provide a well-rounded gaming experience that appeals to users of all interests.

Accompanying the stunning graphics is a custom soundtrack featuring a vast array of songs to suit every player's taste. Each weapon boasts its own unique sound effects, enhancing the immersive experience. Whether you're firing a pistol or unleashing a barrage of Nerf bullets, the game's audio design adds depth to the gameplay. Combined with subtle ambient sounds like skateboard flips, the audio elements elevate the overall gaming experience.

Navigating the city is a breeze, with players quickly acclimating to the intuitive controls. Switching between skateboarding and running with your rabbit paws is seamless, allowing for effortless exploration. The game's user-friendly interface ensures players aren't overwhelmed upon launch, facilitating smooth gameplay from the start. With just a few key buttons to master, players can dive into the action and assert their dominance in the anarchic world of Hooliland City.

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While traversing the city is straightforward, finding engaging activities within Hooliland City can be challenging. With only one main tavern hangout and limited attractions, players may find the open-world experience lacking. However, despite these shortcomings, My Pet Hooligan remains a thrilling gaming experience, particularly when played with a robust player base.

My Pet Hooligan breathes new life into traditional shooter concepts, infusing them with fresh twists that resonate with fans. From classic free-for-all battles in Anarchy mode to the innovative Coinpocalypse mode and the laid-back Hangout mode, the game offers something for everyone. While it may still have room to grow, My Pet Hooligan delivers an entertaining and engaging experience that is sure to capture the hearts of gamers worldwide.

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My Pet Hooligan Review

Despite the challenge of finding engaging activities in Hooliland City due to limited attractions, My Pet Hooligan offers a thrilling gaming experience, especially with a strong player base. The game revitalizes traditional shooter concepts with innovative twists, offering diverse modes like Anarchy, Coinpocalypse, and Hangout to cater to different player preferences. Though it has room for improvement, My Pet Hooligan provides an entertaining and captivating experience that is bound to appeal to gamers worldwide.



Stunning graphics and cohesive sound design

Diverse arsenal, including pistols, snipers, mini-guns, and knives

Addictive game loops in Anarchy and Coinpocalypse modes

Precise hit detection and satisfying gun mechanics


Occasional visual glitches, like the plunger sniper's bolt getting stuck

Limited activities in the Hangout Session

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