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MAYG transports players to a stylized late '90s Tokyo, where they partake in a third-person turn-based shooter game. The primary goal is survival, as players engage in a ruthless deathmatch. With only 20 seconds per turn to strategize and shoot in confined spaces, the game adds a layer of strategic depth to every action.

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MAYG transports players to a stylized version of late '90s Tokyo, where they engage in a third-person turn-based shooter game. It's a battle for survival, with the ultimate goal of being the last one standing in a ruthless deathmatch. Players are given 20 seconds each turn to make their move and take their shot within a confined space, adding a layer of strategic depth to every action.


MAYG is inspired by the classic game 'Worms,' but with a modern twist. It combines the accessible gameplay loop of turn-based strategy with the advancements of first-person shooters. The game's levels are meticulously designed to enhance both mechanics and strategy, with a limited but purposeful arsenal at the player's disposal.

My Angry Yakuza Girlfriend is a testament to the belief that there's a method to the madness. It's a game that values strategic depth over twitch reflexes, aiming to appeal to a broad audience, including competitive female gamers. The game's flow—from discovery and positioning to strategic planning and the final brawl—ensures a dynamic and engaging experience.

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Unlike traditional shooters that rely on reflexes, MAYG emphasizes anticipation and strategic planning. Players must manage their ammo, form temporary alliances, and choose the right moment to strike. The turn-based nature of the game also ensures a level playing field for players worldwide, regardless of internet latency.

MAYG features three distinct game rooms, each representing a different level of deathmatch challenge:

  • Tiffany Room: A 3-player battle.
  • Bulgari Room: A 4-player confrontation.
  • Cartier Room: The ultimate 5-player showdown.

Players use tokens to enter these rooms, which can be earned through gameplay, ensuring that success is based on merit, not monetary investment.

How to Get Started

  1. Purchase a MAYG Princess Collection NFT through any of the supported NFT marketplaces
  2. Download the latest MAYG Launcher from the website and create an account
  3. Connect your Game Account to your Metamask Wallet to verify you hold a MAYG Princess NFT to play
  4. Download and install MAYG from the launcher
  5. Queue up and get ready to eliminate all players in the club. Be the last one standing to win NFTs and tokens.

About MAYG


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MAYG immerses players in a stylized late '90s Tokyo, offering a third-person turn-based shooter game. Survival is the objective in a brutal deathmatch, where players have 20 seconds per turn to strategize and take their shots in confined spaces, adding strategic depth to every move.


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