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Moonfrost takes players into the cozy vibe of a casual farming game. With its charming pixel graphics, core farming gameplay loop, and lovable NPCs, Moonfrost is reminiscent of classics like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. At the start of the game, you find yourself in the middle of a farm village, where you will meet NPCs who'll guide you through the basics of farming. As you gather resources and the in-game currency, SIL, you gain the freedom to build and customize your dream home. It's important to note that this review is based on the current alpha phase of the game. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at Moonfrost's gameplay.


Similar to the farming simulator games that inspired Moonfrost, the core gameplay loop revolves around tending to your farm and growing better crops. At the start, you have access to portions of the map where you can gather starter resources such as grass and stone. As you progress, NPCs guide you on how to tend your farm and introduce you to the Seed Machine, where you can purchase crop seeds in exchange for SIL. Initially, you only have access to basic seeds, but as you advance, you unlock better seeds that yield more SIL profit. Each crop varies in growth time and whether they can be harvested once or multiple times.

You can start farming once you get your seeds, but you’ll need farming tools to aid you. First, you’ll need a Hoe to till the soil. After planting the seeds, don’t forget to use your watering can to water your crops so they can grow. These tools can be crafted using the Tools Workbench. Other useful tools include the Pickaxe (for breaking stone and ores), Axe (for chopping trees for wood), Scythe (for cutting grass), and special tools like the Super Sucker (for quickly harvesting and gathering resources) and Earthquaker (for quickly breaking rocks, trees, and grass).

Once you get the hang of the farming cycle, you can focus on finishing the sequential tasks that the game offers. Tasks include simple farming of specific crops and crafting certain tools and equipment. Completing these tasks unlocks new tools and equipment necessary for progressing further and completing subsequent tasks.

That's basically the farming gameplay loop of Moonfrost, but the game has much more to offer aside from the farming loop. Moonfrost offers extensive customization options for your home. You can craft walls, windows, furniture, and decorations to your heart's content. Some decorations require rarer materials, so gathering specific resources might be necessary. Crafting takes time, ranging from instant to a few minutes, with some items taking an hour or more.


Moonfrost stands out as more than just a casual farming game where you endlessly tend to your farm for in-game currency. What sets Moonfrost apart from other games in the genre are the unique and fun NPC designs and interactions. Similar to the success of games like Stardew Valley, which feature extensive NPC interactions, stories, and even relationship possibilities, Moonfrost offers a similar vibe and setup, especially if we can explore deeper into the game's lore.

Gameplay-wise, Moonfrost's farming loop is solid but familiar, with the staple mechanics of unlocking better crops, using improved tools, and tending to your farm. The game excels in making it easier for beginners to understand through visual and sound indicators, such as SFX when cutting grass or the stones and trees bouncing slightly when you’re breaking them. On the other hand, Moonfrost’s building customization is a significant step up from that of its competitors. The "Build Mode" allows for more flexibility in design and makes it easier to place objects.

Moonfrost takes the cake in graphics, art, and sound. Even with pixel-based graphics, the detailed environment enhances the overall feel of the game. The simple yet fun art on the tooltips, tool, and furniture designs captures the essence of a cozy farming game. The game’s sound is also crisp and enchanting. A standout feature is the radio equipment on your farm, which allows you to select various Lo-fi music tracks that play as background music until you choose a new one. This feature adds an extra layer to the gameplay vibe and experience.

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Moonfrost Review

Moonfrost, in its current playtest phase, is already showing a lot of promise with its quality and replayability. However, since it's an alpha test, there's still plenty of room for improvement. For example, buying seeds requires you to manually click each one, and some minor visual and gameplay bugs need ironing out. To really stand out not just in web3 but the overall farming game genre, Moonfrost needs to amp up its content. While it's off to a great start, it's not quite there yet. As a fan of this genre, I can spend hours unlocking every crop, chatting with every NPC, and diving into their stories. Moonfrost definitely has the blueprint for success, but it still has a long way to go. I'm excited to see more content, especially classic farming game features like fishing, mining, and seasonal events. 



Great art, graphics and sound

Solid and fun farming gameplay loop

Unique and engaging NPC interactions


Minor visual and gameplay bugs

After finishing your tasks, the game can be repetitive as it lacks more content

Current demo is only available for PC - More suitable for other platforms

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