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How many times has that Level 100 mafia boss advertisement played on your phone? Well, how much time have you spent playing mafia games on Facebook when you were younger? The answer to both is probably a lot.

Mobland, formerly known as Syn City, allows you to fight, loot, build and lead your mafia empire. Players can join a syndicate and run businesses, tax their underlings and pay tribute to their bosses through blockchain-backed resources. With enough Ambition, Power, and Swagger, you can sit at the head of a syndicate and help chart the course of the Mafia Metaverse.


Mobland positions itself as an action-adventure role-playing game, in which the users acquire, manage, trade, and expand members of their syndicate. These expansion plans come at a cost though, with players having to take control of turfs and businesses while looting and raiding other syndicates to expand their empire.

The game offers both PVP and PVE modes, adopting a real-time card battler gameplay mechanic. Similar to Legends of Runeterra in this particular aspect, you don’t have to wait for your opponent’s turn to fully end for you to respond. Players can deploy the character’s abilities when they are cooled off in real-time. This keeps both players, or yourself if against the AI, on your toes waiting for the next cooldown.

Each fight will build up your reputation and power within a certain turf. 

Once you are in control, you get access to all of the area’s land plots to revenue-generating businesses. 

Throughout your journey, you will have to buy better guns, equipment, and make sure your criminal syndicate is geared-out to progress as far as possible across various PvE, PvP, and syndicate events.

There are currently two collections available for players to obtain in preparation for Mobland’s imminent release; Mobland Genesis SYNR Pass available on Opensea and Blueprints available on Binance NFT as well as the game’s own marketplace.

The difference between them is yet to be fully clarified but the Genesis Pass is believed to be of a higher caliber and will have more perks towards growing your empire. 

Both of them however enable players to own digital assets core to the Mobland experience, including owning businesses and essential buildings within the mafia metaverse.


With how viral and the amount of success achieved by 2K's Mafia franchise and Zynga's Mafia Wars, Mobland is in a position to create a massive following and bring a web3 gaming element to a theme most gamers are familiar with. Mobland's gameplay snippets showcasing its real-time card battling mechanics are exciting and keeps everyone's anticipating the moment they finally get to experience it themselves.

So far, the game managed to execute their marketing properly and get everyone's attention. The rest is judged purely on gameplay, and we are yet to get our hands on it to see if all this anticipation is warranted or will it fail to meet expectations.

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MOBLAND is the first-ever Mafia Metaverse where you can fight, loot, build and lead. Here you join a syndicate and run businesses, tax your underlings, and pay tribute to your bosses through blockchain-backed resources.


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