Mithraeum is an on-chain grand strategy game that blends economic and military strategy with social dynamics and political maneuvering. Players must skillfully manage resources and wield influence to assert dominance over others in a blockchain-powered political simulation that unfolds in real time.



Mithraeum is an immersive on-chain game set in a universe where politics, strategy, and diplomacy converge. Players are thrust into a world of historical intrigue, tasked with navigating the complex dynamics of power and alliances. The game leverages blockchain technology to create a decentralized gaming experience, allowing for transparent and verifiable ownership of in-game assets. Similar game from Web2 is Civilization and Age of Empires.



The core gameplay of Mithraeum revolves around 3 main strategies which are Economic, Military, and Diplomatic. A player must decide which strategy is the best to further grow their Empire. Every player begins as the ruler of a settlement with the potential to grow it into a formidable economic powerhouse. This strategy is about more than just accumulating wealth; it's about creating a sustainable economy that can support your political and military ambitions.

  • Resource Management: Players must hire settlers, upgrade structures, and increase the prosperity of their settlements.
  • Production and Allocation: A successful ruler produces resources efficiently and allocates them to ensure the growth and defense of their domain.
  • Alliances for Protection: Surrounding oneself with allies is crucial to protect your wealth from those who might covet it.

Military Strategy


In the world of Mithraeum, those with a penchant for military tactics will find their calling. The game allows you to forge a path of power through the art of war. It starts with the meticulous process of army formation. Players must strategically assemble their forces, choosing from a variety of troop types. Each unit comes with distinct advantages and disadvantages, making the composition of your army a critical decision that could determine the outcome of your campaigns.

Once your forces are mustered, the game shifts to the theater of war. Here, you will engage in the core of military gameplay: combat and conquest. Battles are a test of strategy and might, where you will face off against the armies of your adversaries. Victory in battle is just the beginning, as success on the battlefield also opens the path to lay siege to enemy settlements, breaking their walls and imposing your dominance.


Military prowess in Mithraeum serves a dual purpose. It's not only a shield to defend your existing domains but also a sword to carve out new territories. Expansion is a key aspect of the game, where the use of force is a legitimate path to grow your realm. Through successful conquests, you can broaden your influence, annex new lands, and fortify your position in a world where power is the ultimate currency.

Diplomatic Strategy

Diplomacy in Mithraeum is a delicate art. It's about knowing when to forge alliances, when to plot, and when to betray. The diplomatic strategy is for those who seek to influence the game's macro dynamics without resorting to open conflict. Mithraeum's gameplay revolves around strategic decision-making. Players must manage resources, engage in battles, and make diplomatic choices that will affect their standing in the game. The blockchain integration ensures that all actions are recorded and verifiable, adding a layer of strategy that extends beyond the game itself.

How to Get Started


Mithraeum is currently in its beta phase. Players who want to try out the game can go to for a live demo, or can simply play the game directly on our platform through the Play Now button. For those seeking the thrill of competition, Mithraeum regularly orchestrates on-chain tournaments, a privilege reserved for Guilds in alliance with the game. Ready to align your Guild with the echelons of Mithraeum? Pledge your interest and sign up for the next grand event here.

About Mithraeum


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Mithraeum is an intricate on-chain grand strategy game that blends economic and military tactics with social strategy, transforming blockchain interactions into a dynamic political simulator.


Mithraeum Team