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MIR2M invites players into a richly crafted world where the legacy of the Divine Dragons and the threat of demonic forces intertwine. Within this ecosystem, comprising editions like The Grandmaster, The Warrior, and The Dragonkin, players embark on quests for power, battle formidable enemies, and uncover ancient mysteries. Through its integration with the WEMIX blockchain, MIR2M offers a groundbreaking fusion of traditional RPG gameplay and digital asset management.

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The MIR2M ecosystem represents a groundbreaking evolution in the world of online role-playing games, merging the rich tradition of oriental martial arts RPGs with the cutting-edge innovation of blockchain technology under the WEMIX platform. This expansive ecosystem includes various editions like The Grandmaster, The Warrior, and The Dragonkin, each offering unique narratives, gameplay mechanics, and character classes that cater to a broad spectrum of player preferences and strategies.

The MIR2M Ecosystem 

The MIR2M Ecosystem At its core, the MIR2M ecosystem is built upon the legendary lore of the Divine Dragons, whose blessings once ushered in an era of prosperity and harmony across the land of MIR. However, this blessing became a curse as demons, lurking in history's shadows, began to surface, threatening the world's very existence. Players are called upon to navigate these tumultuous times, aligning with the Divine Dragon Empire to fend off the demonic onslaught and restore balance.

The Warrior Edition: Gameplay Highlights

The Warrior edition caters to those who delight in the art of combat, emphasizing skillful melee engagements and the strategic use of weaponry. Players can expect:

  • In-depth Combat System: A robust combat experience that rewards timing, precision, and the strategic deployment of skills.
  • Character Development: Progression through unlocking abilities and equipment, encouraging players to explore various skill paths.
  • Epic Challenges: Engaging in battles against formidable foes and participating in PvP arenas and guild wars for rewards and recognition.

The Grandmaster Edition: Gameplay Highlights

The Grandmaster edition serves as the cornerstone of the MIR2M ecosystem, inviting players to assume the mantle of a hero in a world teetering on the brink of destruction by demonic forces. This edition is characterized by its deep narrative, strategic combat, and the crucial role players play in shaping the fate of the land of MIR. Key aspects include:

  • Rich Storytelling: Embark on a journey filled with intricate plots, ancient legends, and the eternal struggle between good and evil, where every decision can tip the balance.
  • Strategic Combat and Skills: Engage in battles that require not just strength but tactical acumen, with a diverse array of skills and spells at your disposal to defeat enemies and protect the realm.
  • Alliance and Legacy: Build alliances with other players and NPCs to strengthen your position, and delve into dungeons in search of relics that hold the key to ancient powers.

The Dragonkin Edition: Gameplay Highlights

The Dragonkin edition invites players into a mystical journey where magic reigns supreme, and the legacy of the Divine Dragons unfolds. Key features include:

  • Mystical Powers: Harness elemental forces and cast powerful spells to navigate through challenges.
  • Quest for Dragon Relics: Embark on quests to uncover ancient relics that unlock new abilities and advantages.
  • Strategic Depth: Solve complex puzzles and engage in battles that require more than mere strength, emphasizing intelligence and magical prowess.

Unified Gameplay Experience Across the Ecosystem

The MIR2M ecosystem stands united under the CQB ecosystem and WEMIX platform, presenting a gameplay experience that is both diverse and interconnected. Whether players choose the path of The Warrior, delve into the arcane mysteries of The Dragonkin, or embark on the epic journey of The Grandmaster, they are part of a larger narrative that spans across editions, offering varied perspectives on the overarching story of MIR.

How to Get Started

All three games within the MIR2M world ecosystem—The Grandmaster, The Warrior, and The Dragonkin—are now available for play across multiple platforms, including Windows via PC emulators, Android, and iOS devices.

The latest addition to this vibrant universe is The Grandmaster edition, which is celebrating its launch with special rewards for new players. For those interested in exploring the earning potential within the platform, detailed information on how the platform's economy operates can be found in the official CQB whitepaper, accessible here

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MIR2M is an expansive oriental martial art RPG that combines the intrigue of ancient lore with the innovative potential of blockchain technology under the WEMIX platform. Players can explore diverse narratives, engage in strategic gameplay, and participate in a unique digital economy.


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