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MetaOps is a first-person shooter where you can team up with friends to put your tactical skills to the test by advancing your characters, leveling up your weapons, and earning in-game tokens to redeem mystery box NFTs.


The game will feel incredibly familiar to anyone who played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or any other team-centric shooter. We got the opportunity to experience MetaOps first-hand live during the Metacon Convention in Dubai, and the fast-paced nature of the game was definitely exciting.

Teams of 6 will go up against each other in traditional Team Deathmatch & Capture The Flag modes. Players will get the opportunity to choose different agents and weapon loadouts going into the battle. There is nothing affecting gameplay other than your own skill and performance in-game. All the rewards you earn, including weapon charms, weapon skins and agent skins, don’t affect the game in any way.

All weapons will have attachments based on their applicable categories, including Muzzle, Barrel, Scope and so on. Each attachment will have a number of variations that will modify basic attributes of the weapon depending on its rarity; Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic. All variations will be available for each weapon in the marketplace in exchange for in-game credits. 

MetaOps adopts a unique earning mechanism, allowing players to earn in-game tokens for every kill they achieve. Unfortunately, as rewarding this is for top performing players, those who want to play objectives often find themselves left out to dry since the majority is chasing kills to get the most out of their playing time.

MetaOps releases will occur modularly. The first playable map, “The Factory,” will be released alongside custom primary and secondary weapons, tactical equipment, and more. As the game progresses, players will be able to use NFTs more viably in-game to create special moments or even take clips of their favorite plays.

All of these elements combined make MetaOps a decent contender in the first-person shooter genre in web3 gaming. Although it is no where close to the same quality of its counterparts, MetaOps can still stand its ground as a relatively enjoyable title you can hop on from time to time with your friends if there is nothing else to play for a few rounds.


MetaOps offer a fast-paced first-person shooter experience, thanks to its 6v6 nature and classic game modes most players are accustomed to. The game leverages its map’s terrain and character’s mobility to ensure no two games are alike. Each weapon feels unique and snappy in its shooting mechanics and the way it plays.

However, based on first-hand experience with the game, the maps feel a bit lackluster with nothing attractive about their design. It directly affects the gameplay as it shifts you to using certain weapons because the map feels like it was made for snipers for example. Another drawback mentioned before is rewarding in-game tokens per kill, which can be detrimental to the casual players’ experience or those who want to be more objective-focused rather than chasing kills.

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MetaOps Review

MetaOps is a mid-tier shooting title in the web3 gaming world. Its quality and shooting mechanics don't have the oomph it needs to keep you hooked as your first-person title of choice. If you put its shortcomings aside, MetaOps makes for a good title to jump into with your friends whenever you want to play a fast-paced futuristic shooter with old Call of Duty vibes to its gameplay.



Fast paced gameplay

Snappy shooting mechanics

Difference between weapons is noticeable


Lackluster map design

Server issues

Rewards for kills can leave objective-focused teammates hanging

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Join the battlefield and team up with friends to put your tactical skills to the test by advancing your characters, leveling up your weapons, and earning in-game tokens to redeem mystery box NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens.


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