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Legends of the Mara


Dive into the mystical world of Legends of the Mara, a dynamic 2D card, adventure, and resource management game set in the rich ecosystem of the Otherside universe. Developed by Faraway and formerly part of Yuga Labs' portfolio, this game merges collectible card game mechanics with role-playing elements.

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Legends of the Mara (LOTM) is a mix of a 2D adventure, card, and land management game that's recently come under the wing of Faraway, having been passed on from Yuga Labs. This game blends the best elements of collectible card games with the rich experience of RPGs. It's set in the expansive ecosystem of games, integrated with the Otherside universe. LOTM continues to feature the established Otherdeed NFTs, which serve as the key for driving the game forward and keeping players hooked by connecting the lore of Otherside with the iconic Bored Ape Yacht Club universe.

Game Lore

LOTM is set in the Otherworldly universe of the Otherside, a mysterious and magical landscape filled with diverse environments and mystical creatures. The narrative begins as players unlock Vessels, which they transform into Maras, beings with specific abilities crucial for survival and progression in the game. Each Mara type—Hunter, Farmer, and Enchanter—has a role that contributes to cultivating, defending, or boosting resource production. 

Gameplay and Features

LOTM offers a rich gameplay experience characterized by strategic planning and real-time decision-making across two primary game modes:

  1. Camp Mode: This mode serves as the operational heart of LOTM, where players manage their holdings and direct their Maras. It is here that players nest their Vessels, assign Maras to tasks, and plan their strategies for resource management and defense.
  2. Shattered Mode: As a contrast to the more strategic Camp mode, Shattered mode is where players engage in active combat scenarios. In this mode, players deploy their Hunter Maras to defend against the Shattered, nefarious creatures that threaten their lands. The combat system requires tactical deployment of Maras, utilizing their unique abilities and synergies to overcome challenges and secure victories.

After upgrading to an Otherdeed Expanded, players receive a Vessel, which can be a Hunter, Farmer, or Enchanter. These Vessels must be nested on the Otherdeed Expanded for 7 days in the Camp area to transform into Maras, although players can use Myst to skip this waiting period and accelerate the transformation. Each type of Vessel determines the role and abilities of the resulting Mara.

Mara Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Hunters: These Maras engage in defending player territories from the Shattered, with options for both passive and active combat. Players can manage cooldowns and deploy special attacks to enhance effectiveness.

  • Farmers: Key to resource gathering, Farmers are tasked with harvesting Sediment Fragments. The efficiency of a Farmer is influenced by their rarity and the environmental tier of their Otherdeed.

  • Enchanters: These Maras boost the productivity and defensive capabilities of other Maras, playing a crucial role in the overall strategy of resource management and territorial defense  

Resource Management and Evolving Maras 

Players must master both resource management and strategic combat to progress effectively. Key decisions include the optimal deployment of Maras, efficient usage of the in-game currency Myst, and choosing the right moments for combat versus resource gathering. Maras can be evolved into more powerful Kodamaras through the Catalysis process, enhancing their combat and farming abilities. Additionally, the game allows for the formation of alliances by integrating NFTs from partner collections, enabling players to leverage external assets that enhance their strategic options without using up primary Mara slots.

NFTs and Blockchain Integration 

Legends of the Mara (LOTM) effectively utilizes blockchain technology to incorporate NFTs as central elements of its gameplay. Otherdeeds, Vessels, and Maras serve as tradable digital assets that players can actively buy, sell, and strategically utilize within the game's economy. Transactions and asset management are streamlined through the use of ApeCoin, which provides a secure and verifiable record of ownership and trade activities.

In addition to these blockchain-based assets, the game introduces Myst, a virtual in-game currency that enhances gameplay but is not itself a blockchain token. Myst is exclusively purchasable within the game using ApeCoin at a fixed conversion rate of 1 APE to 127 Myst. This currency is crucial for strategic gameplay enhancements, such as skipping the nesting period of Vessels to instantly grow Maras or removing cooldowns on abilities in Shattered mode.

How To Get Started 

As Legends of the Mara rolls out its open beta, access is exclusive to holders of an Otherdeed Expanded NFT which can be acquired by either purchasing, or by transforming an original Otherdeed NFT through a burning process. Under Faraway's new leadership, significant NFT asset utilities are expected, including a sophisticated "points" system aimed at enhancing the utility of LOTM-related NFTs. 

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Legends of the Mara

Dive into the Otherside universe in Legends of the Mara, a compelling 2D adventure where players master resource management, forge powerful alliances, and evolve their Maras to dominate to conquer the shattered world and obatin epic loot