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Legends of Elysium is not your traditional trading card game, as it expands its horizons by incorporating strategic positioning and movement across the playing board. Set in a dark fantasy world engulfed in turmoil among humans, orcs, and elves, the stage is set for a gripping story. Rumors suggest that the world outside Elysium has been drowned in blood, with the undead marching towards it.


As usual, I'll provide my insights on the game's art. Each card is incredibly detailed, featuring a captivating dark fantasy design that immerses players in the scene or setting and often tells a small story. The overall look and feel of the game are of high quality. However, the in-game board could benefit from additional detail and intricate design to match the cards' aesthetics.


Once you create your avatar, you can jump into a game. Currently, the game is limited to player versus player mode, but the story mode is prominently displayed, hinting at the future release of a full-on story mode or player versus environment mode, as well as other game modes. As with any card game, you'll have a library full of cards to admire, with the expected options to disenchant for materials to remove duplicates and, of course, create cards with those materials to complete your ideal deck.

The battlefield is made up of hexagons used to create land and move your units around. This unique game mechanic sets Legends of Elysium apart from other trading card games, as it combines strategic tactics with deck-building skills. This provides an added challenge for players seeking to outsmart their opponents.

Some standout features include buffs on the map that can be picked up. This unique feature brings a lot of dynamics to the game and has proven to be game-changing in some matches. However, it isn't always very clear what the buff is going to do, but through trial and error, players can figure it out.

The addition of a battle map introduces extra dimensions to traditional trading card games in terms of range and movement. Units with taunt, range, and flying capabilities offer new strategic opportunities, enhancing gameplay.

The game flows well once players understand these concepts, though some bugs and glitches still exist, as expected in a game still in development. Despite these issues, Legends of Elysium is a game I'd recommend to fans of trading card games and strategy games alike. It provides countless hours of entertainment and the challenge of climbing the leaderboard.


Overall, Legends of Elysium looks very promising, and we enjoyed playing it. Future updates, particularly the story mode, have us excited. Even for those who may not typically enjoy PvP trading card games, this game might be the perfect opportunity to ease them into the genre.

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Legends of Elysium Review

Legends of Elysium presents a promising outlook, and our experience playing it was enjoyable. Anticipated future updates, especially the story mode, have piqued our interest. For players who may not usually be drawn to PvP trading card games, this game could offer an ideal gateway into the genre.



Visually stunning

Adds a dimension with board movement

Wide variety of cards to build your ultimate deck from


Some minor bugs and glitches

Could use a short tutorial to get you started

Lack of explanation on board pick ups

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Legends of Elysium

Legends of Elysium is a Play-And-Earn fantasy project made as a fusion of Card & Board game.