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Dive into this mysterious and magical MMORPG and become a Legend of Elumia. Legends of Elumia is currently in very early stage testing, which as can be imagined with a genre requiring a game world and lore the size of the actual universe can lead to patchy areas of content to be experienced at time of writing.


First unique concept to encounter when gaining the chance to enter this world is at the point of character creation, whilst we all love to create our own characters within MMORPGs, LoE takes a different approach. Each character is completely unique, meaning each character has different abilities set to it. Before we get too carried away though, there are still classes with the characters' available abilities being drawn from that class pool. So just because you and your friend are both mages, this does not mean that you’ll have the same spells.

This intriguing concept allows for players to see spell combinations they like and seek out the right character for them. In the game's current state, there is the hub city and a portal of wonder and mystery, basically a portal to the gameplay section of Legends of Elumia, with the game loop of a dungeon crawler. Whilst this can lead to a rather large dungeon you enter, it is key to remember, you don’t have to clear the entire dungeon, all you have to do is find the exit. That might sound counterproductive, but if you are in a hurry and only care about the loot you are going to receive for completing it then you can just pass right through it.

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This is where Legends of Elumia takes inspiration from the extraction gameplay loop found within other genres. Everything you collect from kills, chests, and secrets can only be taken with you once you have found the exit. This plus the random generation of the dungeons can lead to a different experience every time you step through the portal.

With the dungeon crawler extraction model, this can allow for different player styles as well, in terms of having friends or being a lone wolf. Where the group can easily pass through the portal and take on most if not all challenges they may face inside, the lone wolf can play somewhat more tactically to ensure they can get as much stuff as possible, whilst still being able to exit the dungeon with all the loot they have acquired.

Currently, there are limited options of what can be done with all the loot once you have safely returned to the hub city. For the most part, you will be buying keys to open your chest for some helpful items, or buying those same items from the vendors directly. Whilst this current model has you getting loot, to buy items to get more loot in a repeating circle fashion, with further development there is planned to be a lot more uses for all of these goodies aside from improving your chances of survivability within your next portal.

One such planned implementation will be the ability to change, upgrade and purchase new armors and weapons, thus allowing further customization and min-maxing of your preferred character and their skill sets. This is very certainly not going to be the only added extra for spending your bounties, but is currently the details available of what is guaranteed to be coming.


The team behind Legends of Elumia have a long history within the MMORPG scene, so it is likely that we will see not only a quality game emerging from the ongoing development due to all the prior experience, but also a game that will not take as long for us to notice big improvements and additions, due to previously built frameworks from prior games as a base .Even in this current stage of development, I have had great fun playing this game solo and also as part of Polkastarter Gaming's dream team duo, “George and Iana” I certainly believe this is going to be an MMORPG to watch to scratch the WoW itch.

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Legends of Elumia Review

Given the team's extensive experience in the MMORPG scene, Legends of Elumia is expected to be a high-quality game that will show noticeable improvements and additions relatively quickly. This is due to the team's use of previously built frameworks from prior games as a foundation. Despite being in the current stage of development, I have already had a great time playing the game both solo and as part of Polkastarter Gaming's "dream team duo," George and Iana. I am confident that Legends of Elumia will be a must-watch MMORPG for anyone looking to satisfy their WoW cravings.



Fun dungeon crawling


Nice graphics


Requires some balancing

Limited content available this early

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About Legends of Elumia

Legends of Elumia

Legends of Elumia is a next-generation MMORPG that allows players to engage in multiplayer adventures, quests, and battles with in-game enemies and other players in real time.