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KOMPETE is a highly customizable multiplayer game with various gameplay modes, including a battle royale and a kart racing mode. You can have fun in different ways with a duos mode already live in-game of 6 players and a trios mode of 15. The game's customization options allow players to tailor their experience, with the ability to customize their character's DNA and appearance and choose from a variety of weapons and throwable items. The game's movement mechanics are smooth and responsive, with a dodge roll that adds to the strategic gameplay options and outplay potential throughout your playthrough.

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The map, otherwise known as Mahzookoo Island, in KOMPETE is well-designed, with a lot of greenery, trees, and houses surrounded by water, providing players with a refreshing and dynamic setting. Compared to other battle royale games in web3 gaming, the map seems unable to step up to the level of detail that those games brought in. Houses are undone when you go inside them and offer no real depth to play. More bushes and trees could be added to the zones that suffer from being too plain and not offering enough area to cover. Again the game is in early alpha, so complaints such as this will be changed within time.

One of the standout features of KOMPETE is the ability to customize your KOMPETITOR's DNA, which affects their stats and skills in the game. This adds a level of depth to the game that isn't often seen in other multiplayer battle royale games and allows players to personalize their experience. The customization options extend beyond this point as well, which was a pleasant surprise of how far the development wanted to give each player a unique experience. On top of that, you can also customize your character's appearance, with the ability to change their shirt, pants, and hair color, adding an extra layer of personalization to the game.

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In terms of gameplay mechanics, KOMPETE offers a range of options to its players. The game's movement mechanics are smooth and responsive, with a dodge roll that corresponds with your energy bar, allowing quick movement and adding to the strategic gameplay options. The weapons in the game feel unique and diverse, with different types of guns and throwable grenades of several types. The weapons in the game at the moment range from SMGS, assault rifles, and sniper rifles to shotguns, laser pistols, grenades, and dynamite. Items available and the ability to build barriers to protect yourself from enemies adds another layer of strategy to the game. 

The battle royale mode is well-designed, with different team sizes and spawn locations. The game also includes a shrinking play zone that forces players to move toward the center of the map, adding to the intensity and excitement of the game. The ability to carry multiple power capsules in your inventory with two primary weapons, and the need to finish off opponents before their allies can revive them, adds to the strategic gameplay options. 

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KOMPETE also offers an entirely different mode than the classic battle royale and changes things up with a solid kart racing mode. The kart racing mode in KOMPETE is unique and fun, with bonuses and obstacles on the track that makes for a fun and challenging race. Including team plays in the kart racing mode is a great feature that adds a layer of strategy to the racing aspect of the game. The speed boosts on the track, represented by arrows on the ground, and the bonuses to attack opponents with a rocket launcher, represented by a blue orb hovering on the road, provide players with exciting gameplay options. 


Overall, KOMPETE is a well-designed and highly customizable multiplayer game that offers its players a lot of depth and variety. The game's customization options, varied gameplay modes, and smooth movement mechanics make for a fun and engaging experience. If you are looking for a multiplayer game with many personalization options and strategic gameplay mechanics, KOMPETE is definitely worth checking out. 

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KOMPETE is a multiplayer game that is impressively designed and offers a great deal of depth and diversity to its players. Its customization options, a variety of gameplay modes, and seamless movement mechanics all contribute to an enjoyable and captivating experience. If you are in search of a multiplayer game that provides ample personalization choices and tactical gameplay mechanics, then KOMPETE is undoubtedly a game that you should explore.



Gameplay is smooth

Weapons feel different and relatively balanced

Consistently accurate hitbox registration


Map could use work with extra foliage and trees, more cover for the players

Insides of houses feels incomplete and lacks proper textures

Massive performance and quality hiccups when in ADS

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KOMPETE is an online team multiplayer all-in-one game built on Unreal Engine 5.


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