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KOKODI is a cross-chain MMO extraction shooter combining strategic gameplay with easy access for those new to crypto. Set in a fantasy world with a Japanese anime influence, it features two main modes: Raids, inspired by Escape from Tarkov, and Hunt: Showdown, which incorporates elements from titles such as Valorant and Overwatch.

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KOKODI is a cross-chain, multi-platform MMO game designed for players of all backgrounds, even those with no prior knowledge of Web3. This third-person extraction shooter immerses players in a fantasy world deeply inspired by Japanese culture, anime, and other popular Shooter titles, offering a unique blend of gameplay modes for an unparalleled gaming experience.

The World Of KOKODI

The game's fairy-tale fantasy style is influenced by iconic games such as The Legend of Zelda and Genshin Impact, set in a magical world inhabited by children and mystical creatures. A central narrative explores the mysterious disappearance of adults, leaving children divided into two clans, each wielding masks that grant them extraordinary powers. This setting not only enriches the gameplay but also adds a layer of depth to the player's experience.

Game Mechanics 

KOKODI stands out with its unique blend of fairy-tale fantasy and meticulous realism, creating a deeply immersive gameplay experience. The game features detailed combat mechanics, such as the requirement for manual loading of weapons and the significant impact of a character's endurance on their combat effectiveness. This realism extends to a complex medical system, where injuries carry serious consequences, demanding strategic foresight and careful planning from players. These elements of realism not only enhance immersion but also elevate the strategic depth of the game, making every decision critical to survival and success.

Free-to-Play and Play-to-Own 

KOKODI democratizes the gaming experience through its Free-to-Play and Play-to-Own  mechanics, allowing players to start their journey with a character from the WILD collection. This inclusive approach enables participation in both PVP Arena and Raid modes without initial investment. The game offers pathways for F2P players to join the KOKO or DI clans, unlocking the full suite of game mechanics. With all game assets tokenized on the blockchain, players are granted true ownership and the ability to trade, fostering a dynamic in-game economy that respects player agency and investment.

Clans Overview

KOKO and DI are the two primary clans in the game. Characters from the original ETH collection can join these clans, marked by a special identifier in their NFT metadata. Clans feature a player rating system, and top players receive weekly rewards from the game bank. Each clan has a public online headquarters where members can interact and enjoy various activities.

Players can opt to play as a randomly selected, clan-less character ("Wild") if their main character is under-equipped or injured. Successfully exiting a location as a Wild character allows players to transfer any loot to their main character. Each clan has a server where members can communicate, plan games, and participate in events like concerts and exhibitions.


Formed by rebellious individuals adopting an animalistic code of conduct, KOKO clan members engage in resource gathering, crafting simple items, constructing hideouts, participating in games like streetball and dragon racing, and joining paid competitions. They have their own clan hall, but they cannot craft complex items and have limited item repair capabilities.

DI Clan

Created by former straight-A students aiming to bring order to chaos, DI clan members excel in crafting complex items, repairing both crafted and non-crafted items, constructing hideouts, participating in games like streetball and dragon racing, and joining paid competitions. They also have their own clan hall but face limitations in resource production and crafting simple items.


Tribes are unions of players from both KOKO and DI clans, providing game advantages such as access to the Tribe Hideout with improved equipment and resources. Tribes can participate in Tribe Wars, other team competitions, and the PVE game mode of Dungeons.

How to Get Started

KOKODI already launched its first NFT collection and is about to have its alpha playtest. This NFT collection grants holders early access to the alpha playtest and offers several in-game benefits:

  • Clan Membership: NFT holders automatically join the KOKO or DI clans, unlocking clan activities and rewards.
  • Unique Identity: Each NFT character is unique and evolves with gameplay progress.
  • Economic Advantages: NFT ownership allows for the trading and selling of game assets, aligning with the Play to Own model.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: Unlike F2P characters, NFT characters can fully engage in resource gathering, crafting, and shelter building.
  • PVE Participation: NFT characters have access to Schools and can partake in PVE modes like Dungeons.
  • Earning Potential: Players can earn through W2E mechanics, with the possibility of converting lootboxes and tokens into real money.





KOKODI is an innovative extraction shooter game, blending intense combat with strategic gameplay in a blockchain-enhanced universe.