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Get ready to rev your engines and dive into KartParty, where the thrill of kart racing meets endless fun! Customize your karts, race against friends, and rack up rewards in this dynamic party game. Whether you're a casual gamer or a racing enthusiast, KartParty offers a fresh twist on traditional racing games.

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KartParty is an engaging racing game that brings the thrill of kart racing to the digital world. It merges elements of classic kart racing and party games with NFT integration, offering a unique gaming experience. Players can race against each other, customize their karts, and earn rewards through gameplay. Simply explained, KartParty is Fall Guys but with fun and colorful karts!

Accessible to both casual gamers and racing enthusiasts, KartParty features various gameplay modes and customization options to suit different play styles. As the "first modular party game" in the Metaverse, KartParty introduces a revolutionary module system that provides endless gameplay possibilities. The core themes are Competition, Honor, and Imagination. Players are encouraged to push their limits and explore new strategies, so prepare for an awesome Kart Party!

Gameplay and Features

KartParty offers a variety of gameplay modes and features designed to keep players engaged and entertained. Some of the key gameplay elements include:

  • Race Modes: Players can participate in different race modes, including time trials, competitive races, and special events. Each mode offers unique challenges and rewards, encouraging players to improve their skills and strategies.

  • Kart Customization: Players have the ability to customize their karts with various parts and upgrades. This allows them to enhance their performance on the track and express their personal style.

  • Power-Ups and Boosts: During races, players can collect power-ups and boosts that give them temporary advantages, such as increased speed or defensive abilities. These elements add an extra layer of strategy to the races.
  • Multiplayer: KartParty supports multiplayer gameplay, allowing players to race against friends or other players from around the world. This feature enhances the competitive aspect of the game and fosters a sense of community.
  • Leaderboards and Rewards: Players can track their progress and achievements through leaderboards and earn rewards based on their performance. This system motivates players to continuously improve and strive for the top ranks.

NFTs and Blockchain

KartParty currently features its first NFT collection, the KartParty-YKZ, which serves as an all-access pass to everything KartParty. The utilities of the KartParty-YKZ NFTs include:

  • Airdrop of all future NFT series
  • Airdrop of in-game tokens
  • Priority access to game beta experiences
  • Early access to new game content
  • Extra in-game rewards for victories

How to Get Started 

KartParty is currently in its alpha testing stage and recently concluded its first alpha test, where winning participants received soon-to-be-released tokens as prizes. To stay updated on the next round of game tests and other announcements, follow KartParty on their social media channels and join their Discord server where they usually announce such events.

About KartParty


KartParty is a thrilling digital kart racing and modular game that takes the classic kart racing genre into the twist of a fun party game.